WhatsApp Takes a Step into the Metaverse with Meta Quest Integration

WhatsApp takes a step towards embracing metaverse hardware by showing its initial support through linking with Meta Quest. So, why and how is WhatsApp joining the metaverse?


  • WhatsApp is venturing into the metaverse by integrating with Meta Quest, offering a glimpse of its metaverse plans beyond Avatars.
  • An upcoming update may allow users to link their WhatsApp accounts with Meta Quest VR headsets, improving the user experience.
  • While still in development, this feature shows progress and potential, indicating WhatsApp’s role in Meta’s metaverse ambitions. Expect an integrated experience in the future.
Still from Whatsapp Metaverse

WhatsApp Steps into the Metaverse

WhatsApp’s Metaverse Journey Begins

The ‘Meta’ metaverse was the talk of 2022, but many of us are still waiting for our chance to give it a try. We’re all wondering how our favourite apps will adapt to this. However, WhatsApp gave us a glimpse of its metaverse plans when it introduced Avatars last year. Now, in its latest beta version, WhatsApp takes it further by using metaverse hardware with support through linking with the Meta Quest.

In an upcoming WhatsApp update, users may be able to officially connect their accounts to Meta Quest VR headsets. WABetaInfo discovered this feature while exploring the new beta release. Although the Meta Quest-linked device feature is still in development and no official announcements have been made, a screenshot reveals the progress made so far. The current beta version doesn’t allow testers to try out the link or set it up, it provides a preview of the setup process.

Some fans have already tried to install WhatsApp on their VR devices, despite the lack of official support. However, this upcoming feature seems as if it will be able to connect an existing WhatsApp account to a Meta Quest device. WhatsApp has been actively exploring linked devices, such as the Android beta One of the devices explored included using iPads as linked devices, growing the platform’s reach even further.

WhatsApp’s journey has only just begun. Significantly, the potential collaboration with Meta Quest shows Meta’s ambitions in the metaverse. Soon, hopefully, users can look forward to the new experience this technology has the potential of bringing. 

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