Own a Piece of Football History With FC Barcelona’s Empowerment NFT Release!

FC Barcelona unveils  ‘Empowerment’, the second NFT from their ‘Masterpiece’ collection with World Of Women! This edition pays tribute to Alexia Putellas’ outstanding performance in the 2021/22 Women’s Champions League semi-final against Wolfsburg.

With this project, the club creates a digital artwork that symbolizes transformation and progress. The exclusive auction for ‘Empowerment’ takes place on OpenSea on June 26th.


  • FC Barcelona launches ‘Empowerment,’ second NFT in Masterpiece collection, celebrating Alexia Putellas’ remarkable performance.
  • NFT represents club’s commitment to gender equality, offering exclusive benefits like a Meet & Greet with Putellas.
  • Auction on OpenSea from June 26th to June 28th, marking first NFT auction by top-tier football club.

poster for FC Barcelona's Alexia Putellas NFT drop "Masterpiece"

FC Barcelona x World Of Women – NFTs & Football Meet in Iconic Collaboration

FC Barcelona continues their Masterpiece collection with the second NFT that revolves around Alexia Putellas. The digital collectible commemorates a historic moment in the club’s history. This particular piece celebrates the Women’s Champions League semi-final match against Wolfsburg on April 22, 2022. Furthermore, the game witnessed a record-breaking attendance of 91,648 fans! Now, in collaboration with World of Women, FC Barcelona also aims to engage their millennial, xennial, and Gen-Z fanbase by embracing technology and innovation to create culturally significant moments.

The project not only aims to foster loyalty among younger audiences but also seeks to redefine the concept of NFTs by offering a premium and experiential product. The content of ‘Empowerment’ is an authentic work of art, and the fortunate owner will enjoy exclusive benefits and experiences from the club.

The OpenSea auction page launches on June 26th at 4 pm CEST and concludes on June 28th at 4 pm CEST.

2023 UEFA Women's Champions League Final: Barcelona vs Wolfsburg

Winners Of UEFA Women’s Champions League

During the creation process, a 3D sculpture of Alexia Putellas was meticulously crafted. This sculpture was then enhanced with digital painting, special effects, and authentic chants from enthusiastic Barça supporters.

The use of gold within the artwork also symbolizes Alexia’s exceptional achievements and timeless legacy. With multiple layers of illuminating light representing the crowd, Rhi Madeline captures the dynamic and captivating essence of that monumental moment.

How The Empowerment NFT Celebrates The Essence Of Football

Barça’s second Masterpiece NFT, ‘Empowerment,’ represents Alexia Putellas’ exceptional performance in the Women’s Champions League semi-final against Wolfsburg. She scored two goals and continued to advocate for gender equality in sports. FC Barcelona stands at the forefront of this movement. The club emphasizes equal opportunities for women and girls, while also highlighting their remarkable talent, passion, and determination.

Renowned artist Rhiana Madeline from the World of Women community was the artist responsible for creating the NFT. She blends traditional fine art skills with cutting-edge technological software and also unleashes the limits of human creativity in the digital realm.

Having the privilege of creating such a meaningful work of art for a community as proud and passionate as Barça has been an incredible honor. The values and spirit that Barça embodies deeply resonate with me and this empowering experience will serve as a lasting source of motivation as I continue my artistic journey.” states Rhiana.

‘Empowerment’ stands as a powerful statement within the artwork. The piece features the best female player in the world and honors the significant contributions of women in soccer.

FC Barça NFT Perks

The fortunate owner of the NFT gains access to premium benefits. Firstly, the collectible provides an ultimate Barça experience with a focus on women’s soccer. Alongside owning the exclusive digital artwork the NFT’s utility includes a Meet & Greet opportunity with Alexia Putellas, as well as a pair of signed soccer boots.

Furthermore, the owner of ‘Empowerment‘ also receives a unique physical item: a seat taken from Spotify Camp Nou adorned with a portrait of Putellas! This artwork is by the acclaimed Catalan artist Oscar Tusquets. Moreover, it is personally signed by the player herself. This tangible piece complements the digital NFT, that creates a comprehensive work of art.

OpenSea hosts the digital auction for ‘Empowerment’. This also marks the first time a top-tier football club with a global fan base has auctioned an NFT on OpenSea.

Finally, the auction for ‘Empowerment’ commences on June 26th at 4 pm CEST and runs for 48 hours. The auction concludes on June 28th at 4 pm CEST.

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