Welcome to the New Era of Collecting With Americana.io

Americana.io is officially live on June 23rd, 2023. With its launch, it aims to change the collectors’ market. Here’s everything you need to know.


  • Americana.io is going live on June 23rd, 2023, changing the collectors’ market by merging the digital and physical markets for smooth asset acquisition and exhibition.
  • Collaborations with top creators ensure real and secure acquisition, exhibition, and management of collectibles, with a commitment to guaranteeing secondary royalties.
  • Americana.io allows people to easily archive, exhibit, and sell items, with protected assets and trade on a blockchain-based platform. A diverse community of collectors and creators is gathered, backed by industry giants and led by CEO Jake Frey.
Still from Americana.io

Americana.io Revolutionizes The Collectors’ Market

Americana.io Launches

new platform, Americana.io, is changing the collecting industry. On June 23rd, 2023, it officially goes live, offering a new era for collectors. Thus, merging the digital and physical markets, provides smooth asset acquisition, exhibition, and assured asset appreciation.

Collaborating with top creators like Danny Cole, Vinnie Hager, Andrew Wang, the Rocket Factory team, and Alexis Ohanian, Americana.io offers a range of contemporary works. Moreover, it works directly with creators, ensuring smooth and clear acquisition, exhibition, and management of collectibles. The team’s commitment to creators includes guaranteeing secondary royalties.

So, forget traditional physical asset management. Americana.io allows collectors to archive, exhibit, accept offers, or list items for sale in seconds. Furthermore, its blockchain-based platform ensures protected assets, creating connections and storytelling.

Beyond technical solutions, Americana.io looks after a diverse community of collectors and creators. Whether driven by passion, trend tracking, or loyalty to sports teams or artists, its focuses on improving technology without the hassle. Additionally, its concierge service handles all aspects of asset management, offering peace of mind.

Backed by industry giants like Alexis Ohanian, OpenSea, and FUTURE, Americana.io is a new solution for physical asset management. Led by CEO Jake Frey, formerly of Apple, Snapchat, Shopify, Twitter, and more, its team has created a smooth solution.

“At Americana, we empower physical pieces with digital luxuries. Bridging the gap, we bring the excitement of the digital world to physical collectibles. It’s about merging the best of both realms for a better experience.” says Jake Frey, CEO of Americana. Finally, join Americana.io in this new era of collecting, where digital meets physical, and new heights are reached.

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