Y00ts and DeGods Artist Leaves The Team To Focus On 1:1s

image of DeGods and Y00ts artist NFT

SCUM, a key artist behind the DeGods ecosystem – including Y00ts – has left the NFT project. The news comes in the middle of a frustrating period for the DeGods community, particularly Y00ts NFT holders. The project has still not revealed its artwork for Y00ts, over a month after the mint process. Now, significantly, SCUM, aka @SCUMSOL on Twitter, has left the popular Solana-based project with immediate effect.

image of DeGods and Y00ts artist NFT

A key artist behind the DeGods and Y00ts NFT project is leaving the team.

Why is the Y00ts and Degods artist leaving the company?

In several tweets, SCUM has highlighted the reasons for their departure and reiterated that they left on good terms, with no bad blood. In fact, in corresponding tweets, Frank, the co-founder of DeGods, and SCUM spoke highly of each other.

However, SCUM also stated that the project didn’t offer the ‘monetary goldmine’ promised.

The main reason SCUM is leaving is to pursue their own goals and focus on 1/1 art. Working on DeGods and Y00ts, the artist stated they had completed 2500+ hours of drawing. Now, they want to use their skills for their vision.

In a tweet, they said, “My heart is in the 1:1 art space. And to put things bluntly, I am fiercely loyal to myself, my family, and my relationships. Not PFPs. Having a “job” was obstructing my path. A distraction from the scariest and most important next steps, truly defining myself as a creative and showing myself what I can create on my own.”

Y00ts still not ready to reveal NFTs

The announcement about the Y00ts and DeGods artist leaving comes in the middle of a lengthy public saga for the project. The long-awaited reveal of the Y00ts project has still not happened, becoming a massive issue in the Y00ts community. The latest news of a critical team member leaving DeGods will also add to the growing community concern.

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