amfAR’s First-Ever NFT Collection Judged by Kendall Jenner, J Balvin, and Notable Artists

black and white image of celebrity Kendall Jenner who will judge the NFT contest

A panel of celebrities will judge artworks for The Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR) in their first-ever NFT collection. Read on to find out more about the celebrities involved, and the NFT artwork.


  • Celebrities, including Jeff Koons and Kendall Jenner, will judge digital artworks for an NFT collection supporting amfAR’s AIDS research.
  • Artists can submit digital backgrounds via Prospect 100 until July 9. 100 selected backgrounds will be combined with amfAR’s characters for the NFT collection.
  • A combination of public voting and celebrity decision will determine the finalists.
black and white image of celebrity Kendall Jenner who will judge the NFT contest

amfAR’s First NFT Collection has celebrity judges

Celebrities Set to Judge amfAR’s First Ever NFT Collection

A set of celebrities will form a panel of judges who will pick winning digital artworks for an upcoming NFT collection. Celebrities include artist Jeff Koons, fashion models Kendall Jenner and Kate Moss, filmmaker Baz Luhrmann and musician J Balvin. This collection aims to raise funds for The Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR). 

The upcoming NFT collection will be created together with Prospect 100. To clarify, Prospect 100 is a digital voting platform that connects new artists with experienced curators. The artists will use the platform to submit their original digital backgrounds, and they have until July 9 to do so. Then, celebrities will choose 100 backgrounds from the submissions. These will be combined with amfAR’s pre-existing foreground characters to create their first NFT collection. The collection sale, set for a later date, will directly support AIDS-related research.

To determine the finalists, designs submitted for the project will undergo a public vote on Prospect 100. The celebrity panel will then make the final selections on the NFTs based on factors such as originality, significance, and alignment with amfAR’s vision.

Some celebrities on the panel are new to the world of NFTs for the first time. However, others already have experience. Notably, Jeff Koons, the highest-grossing living artist in the world, unveiled his debut NFT collection, Moon Phases, last year. This unique collection consisted of 125 NFTs, each linked to a physical sculpture. Moreover, they will send these physical sculptures to the moon later this year aboard a lunar lander.

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