Binance x The Weeknd: Redefining Music and Artistry in the Metaverse

Binance partnered with The Weeknd to offer his fans a metaverse experience. The Grammy Award-winning artist has elevated introduced his fans to new ways to interact with him. Now, Fans of The Weeknd can immerse themselves in an interactive digital experience inspired by the retro-neon aesthetic of The Weeknd’s After Hours Til Dawn global tour.


  • The Weeknd and Binance have partnered to bring fans an immersive metaverse experience.
  • Metaverse Dimension is a virtual space where fans can explore, participate in treasure hunts, and unlock exclusive content.
  • By blending music, gaming, and the online world, this collaboration offers a unique fan engagement that goes beyond the traditional concert experience.

A screenshot of the Binance x the Weeknd landing page.

What is the Binance Metaverse Dimension?

Starting on June 16, anyone can access this innovative platform for fan engagement by visiting Treasure hunts, exclusive rewards, and interactive experiences will bring The Weeknd’s creative world to life in a completely fresh way.

Firstly, stepping into Metaverse Dimension immediately engulfs users in a captivating digital treasure hunt. Through this innovative gameplay, fans are guided through various key spaces within the metaverse, each offering unique challenges and rewards.

The primary objective of the treasure hunt is to locate the four elusive magic diamonds hidden throughout the virtual world. However, the path to these treasures is far from simple, presenting users with exciting twists and turns along the way.

Furthermore, Metaverse Dimension comprises four main areas that beckon fans to conquer. To begin, there is The Club, where enthusiasts can sway to the rhythm on the virtual dance floor, diligently collecting disco ball fragments. As they do so, the lights ignite, the music resonates, and ultimately, the magic diamond is unlocked, becoming theirs to claim.

An Adventure in the Weeknd’s World

Moreover, the Art Gallery will offer fans the possibility to immerse themselves in a stunning array of tour visuals and promo videos, with the hidden magic diamond awaiting their discovery.

The Binance Space will help users to dive into educational content about crypto and blockchain. By reading three pieces that demystify Web3, fans can unlock the magic diamond. And, for those seeking more surprises, there’s the Secret Door, which reveals hidden wonders within the metaverse.

Finally, completing the treasure hunt challenges rewards fans with exclusive access to The Stage and VIP Lounge. Here, fans enter The Weeknd’s world, indulging in concert footage and interacting with a giant 3D cyber mask. The Stage and VIP Lounge offer more than just a reward; they represent the ultimate destination for devoted fans.

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