Unleash Your Inner Party Beast at Trevor Jones’ Castle Party in France!

A photo portrait of the artist Trevor Jones.

It’s party time! British artist Trevor Jones is ready to host his annual Castle Party. This event merging art, philanthropy, and crypto will take place at the Château de Vallery near Paris, from September 3rd to 5th, 2023.

The Château de Vallery, nestled amidst picturesque surroundings, provides an awe-inspiring backdrop for the convergence of art, philanthropy, and party. 


  • The Trevor Jones Castle Party 2023, a global event merging creativity, philanthropy, and technology, will gather the artists’ community at the Château de Vallery near Paris from September 3rd to 5th. It will feature an exhibition and auction from 31 esteemed artists to raise funds for Maggie’s cancer charity.
  • Trevor Jones, the visionary behind the Castle Party, is a renowned artist who combines traditional painting techniques with modern technologies like AR, crypto-themed elements, and NFTs to enhance the viewer’s experience.
  • Jones’s innovative approach to blending art, philanthropy, and technological innovation has led to the creation of the Castle Party, a unique space where creativity and social impact converge, making a significant mark in the art world.
A photo portrait of the artist Trevor Jones.

Crypto-art pioneer Trevor Jones is launching the second edition of his annual Castle Party.

What is the Castle Party?

For its inaugural event last year at Stirling Castle, Trevor Jones Castle Party drew attendees from across five continents and successfully raised over 17,000 BP (19,840 euros) for Maggie’s, a prominent cancer charity.

This year’s event provides a unique platform for engagement via a charity exhibition and auction. A carefully curated selection of works from 31 of the most esteemed artists will be auctioned. It will pay homage to the late French artist, Alotta Money. Prominent artists such as Hackatao, Jose Delbo, Pascal Boyart, Pak, and others have contributed to this noteworthy cause.

To clarify, in December 2019, Alotta Money collaborated with Trevor Jones on his genesis NFT, “EthGirl”. This marked a significant moment in both artists’ careers. Alotta Money was a pioneer in crypto-art. His works like “Saint Nakamoto” or “EthBoy“, were amongst the first to play with crypto culture codes and aesthetics. 

Who is Trevor Jones?

Trevor Jones Castle Party is presented as a gathering of a community of art enthusiasts and tech lovers. This reflects Trevor Jones’s identity. He indeed has spent over a decade at the forefront of the art and technology intersection.

After graduating with an MA in Fine Art from Edinburgh College of Art, Jones’ artistic exploration began in 2012 when he delved into the realm of QR code oil paintings. Therefore he developed a style merging traditional painting and digital elements. The following year, he started working with augmented reality (AR). However, it was when he started to explore Bitcoin, in 2017, that he took a new creative direction.

Embracing the possibilities unlocked by the world of crypto, Trevor Jones started exploring the NFT medium. His work seeks to capture the essence of cryptocurrency themes, ideas, and influential figures. For instance, he created artworks showcasing Satoshi Nakamoto and Vitalik Buterin. Trevor Jones considers himself a traditional painter. In fact, he constantly explores how new technologies can be harnessed to actively engage viewers and enhance their experience with his artwork. 

To summarize, Trevor Jones Castle Party will be an opportunity to discover the artist’s universe more closely. On top of that, it will connect a vibrant community of art enthusiasts.

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