Reviving ApeCoin DAO: ThreadGuy’s Vision for Cultural Relevance

Get ready for a campaign that is shaking up the NFT space! Prominent Web3 influencer, ThreadGuy, recently Tweeted that he is “The only Ape that can save the ApeCoin DAO.” Here’s everything you need to know.


  • ThreadGuy claims to be the Ape who can save the ApeCoin DAO by addressing its challenges and restoring its cultural significance. He emphasizes the need for a stronger social presence and active community participation in governance.
  • With an impressive global reach and experience hosting Twitter spaces, ThreadGuy aims to re-engage the community and capture Crypto Twitter’s attention. This will be through exciting activations and major announcements.
  • If elected to the council, ThreadGuy plans to host weekly DAO Spaces. These spaces will provide clear messaging, and integrate the underrepresented Mutant Apes branch. His goal is to spark change, foster community engagement, and make ApeCoin DAO a dominant force in the NFT space once again.
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ThreadGuy’s Ape: Can He Save ApeCoin DAO?

Can ThreadGuy Revive the ApeCoin DAO?

Significantly, ThreadGuy confidently claims to be the one Ape who can rescue the DAO from its current slump. In his own words, he passionately shares his thoughts on the challenges faced by ApeCoin and his large vision for restoring its cultural significance.

ThreadGuy doesn’t hold back when pointing out that the ApeCoin DAO has lost touch with its cultural essence. He points out the lack of a strong social presence, which has left the community feeling disconnected. According to him, governance loses its meaning if there’s no active participation from the community.

To effectively re-engage and serve the community, the ApeCoin DAO council needs to establish direct communication channels. ThreadGuy sheds light on the global reach of council members. He revealed that the last five members combined only manage 4.46% global reach. However, he boasts an impressive 7.32% global reach on his own.

What’s more, in the realm of Crypto Twitter, ThreadGuy recognizes the tremendous influence of Twitter spaces. These virtual town halls set the stage for shaping narratives and igniting the news cycle. While ApeComms handles the DAO spaces with an average of 90 listeners per space, ThreadGuy takes the spotlight. He has hosted an incredible 241 spaces in the past year with an average of 1,618 listeners per space, nearly 20 times the engagement.

Another issue within the ApeCoin DAO is the absence of social incentives. ThreadGuy firmly believes that engagement, exciting activations, and major announcements are the key to capturing the attention of Crypto Twitter. Furthermore, his mission is to revitalize the community, represent the brand, and reintroduce the vibrant culture that once defined ApeCoin.

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ApeCoin DAO Faces Struggles

How Will He Create Change?

If elected to the council, ThreadGuy plans to hit the ground running. His first move is to host weekly DAO Spaces, providing a platform to highlight, discuss, and incubate ApeCoin Improvement Proposals. These spaces will serve as dynamic and engaging community forums, where ideas can thrive. Importantly, ThreadGuy’s reach extends beyond the ApeCoin echo chamber. This ensures that ApeCoin becomes a daily topic of conversation in the Web3 realm.

Moreover, in the attention-driven Web3 landscape, ThreadGuy stresses the necessity of a strong social presence for the ApeCoin DAO’s dominance. He acknowledges that the current message is unclear and the structure appears complex. Surprisingly, he reveals that active participation in the DAO doesn’t require owning an Ape, a fact that most people are unaware of. ThreadGuy firmly believes that community engagement starts at the top, demanding an inspiring voice that champions the brand and spreads the DAO’s vision.

Additionally, ThreadGuy proudly represents Mutant Apes (MAYC), an underrepresented and underutilized branch within the Ape ecosystem. Recognizing the clean aesthetics of the Mutant Apes NFT collection, he sees their involvement as the key to ApeCoin’s social dominance. With deep integration into Ape social circles and wearing a MAYC profile picture for over two years, ThreadGuy serves as the vital bridge connecting various elements of the Ape ecosystem.

To revive ApeCoin’s cultural relevance, ThreadGuy’s campaign is all about sparking change and reigniting the passion within the ApeCoin community, regardless of the election outcome. He acknowledges that ApeCoin boasts the most powerful DAO in the space but lacks public representation. With his powerful voice, he may be the only one who can make ApeCoin DAO great again.

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