Digital Fashion Revolution: Highsnobiety Collaborates with The Fabricant

The NFT fashion brand The Fabricant and the streetwear brand Highsnobiety will launch a Web3 wearables version of the iconic Varsity Jackets Not in Paris 5 collection.


  • Highsnobiety and The Fabricant launched a collection of digital wearable Varsity Jackets for its Not in Paris 5 installment for Paris Fashion Week;
  • There are three design options available via The Fabricant platform between June 20 – July 5 for up to 33 FLOW tokens;
  • Holders can showcase their ultra-limited assets via AR, with only 300 pieces available.
images of two wearable Varsity Jackets from the fabricant x highsnobiety NFT collection

The Fabricant joined forces with the streetwear brand Highsnobiety for a unique drop of digital Varsity Jackets.

The Fabricant x Highsnobiety: When Does the New Collection Drop?

The leading Web3 luxury fashion brand The Fabricant returns to the Metaverse with a new drop on June 20th. The new collection celebrates Highsnobiety’s long-awaited physical installment in Paris, Not in Paris 5.

Of course, the Web3 launch carries the same name too. There are three types of wearable Varsity Jackets available, and a total of 300 items are already up for sale.

In terms of design, each item showcases Highsnobiety’s streetwear style with a touch of futuristic luxury from The Fabricant. Collectors can buy a limited-edition piece via The Fabricant platform. The price ranges between 24 to 33 FLOW (the native currency of the Flow blockchain).

Each of the three available wearables comes with its own story too:

  • Eiffel Tower Pursuit: this is an exact remake of the iconic Varsity Jacket, surrounded by floating Eiffel Towers;
  • Echoes of Paris: This option features abstract patches with visual effects in the metaverse;
  • Parisian Mirage: From reflecting the surroundings to a shiny surface, this jacket definitely steals the show.

After making the purchase, holders can show off their new wearables using AR anytime. All in all, this innovative concept comes in line with the 2023 Paris Fashion Week – and The Fabricant x Highsnobiety is just one example of a Web3 integration here!

image of a man wearing a digital wearable Varsity Jacket via AR on a smartphone

The three Varsity Jacket designs can also be worn using AR tech, much to collectors’ delight.

NFT Drops at the Paris Fashion Week

Surprisingly, the iconic Web3 fashion label 9dcc by Gmoney takes part in this year’s Paris Fashion Week too. Accordingly, the brand collaborated with the virtual platform Stapleverse, created by the iconic streetwear creator Jeff Staple. The two designed a limited-edition baseball cap. Furthermore, each cap comes with an NFC chip tied to its corresponding NFT wearable.

The Paris Fashion Week dates between 20 – 25 June, so there might be more surprises to come. After all, Web3 fashion is among the fastest-expanding niches in the Web3 space, so keep an eye out for new drops this week!

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