AAA Web3 Games On The Horizon: Animoca Brands CEO

Dive into the future of Web3 gaming with insights from the Animoca Brands CEO, who sees a surge in AAA games that will change blockchain gaming as we know it. Let’s get into it. 


  • Animoca Brands CEO Robby Yung expects to see a surge in AAA gaming, offering fun gameplay and storytelling.
  • Exciting developments are expected within the Revv network, improving the gaming experience across multiple titles.
  • The merge of blockchain and NFTs is slowly merging traditional and blockchain gaming while overcoming regulatory challenges and accepting an open metaverse is crucial for Web3 gaming’s potential.
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Animoca Brands CEO Predicts Surge of Web3 Games

Web3’s Triple-A Gaming Revolution

Robby Yung, CEO of Animoca Brands envisions a shift away from play-to-earn and casual titles, predicting more triple-A Web3 games in the near future. Yung emphasises immersive gameplay and captivating storytelling. Notable examples include Devourers and Life Beyond.

Yung expects the arrival of more AAA Web3 games, with great stories. Additionally, Yung speaks about the exciting Revv network during the discussion, talking about Moto GP, Formula E, Revv Racing, and other branded games. Joined by the Rev token network, this merge can improve the gaming experience across multiple titles. Furthermore, Yung expects exciting developments for Web3 within the Revv network in the next six months. 

Merging Traditional and Blockchain Gaming

Whilst acknowledging the importance of mobile and casual gaming sectors, Yung envisions a gradual integration of blockchain and NFTs. Moreover, creating a hybrid model merging traditional gaming elements with blockchain technology in this way ensures an easier move in Web3 gaming. 

Acknowledging the closed outlook often related with the metaverse, Yung strives for blockchain integration. Therefore, having a decentralized network allows users to control their digital experiences. Lastly, the impact of laws within crypto and the Web3 industry, Yung explains the effect this has on potential investors. However, Yung recognises France as a Web3 hub with their forward thinking business people. 

Nevertheless, getting over legal challenges and having an open metaverse is crucial for growing Web3 gaming’s potential. Expect AAA games and the fusion of traditional and Web3 gaming. 

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