Blur Marketplace Enhances Platform with Lower Gas Fees and Trait Bidding in Version 2.0

Blur NFT marketplace has just improved its service with lower gas fees and trait bidding with the launch of Blur v2. Here’s everything you need to know.


  • Blur v2 introduces lower gas fees, making NFT minting cheaper for creators and traders.
  • The platform now offers trait bidding. Thus, allowing users to earn extra points by bidding on specific traits within collections, enhancing the trading experience.
  • Despite critics questioning the uniqueness of NFTs, Blur has passed OpenSea with a market share of 65.94%. Also, it aims to address concerns with its latest update. Explore Blur v2 for a better trading experience and exciting opportunities in the NFT marketplace.
Still from Blur NFT

Introducing Blur v2

Blur Marketplace Enhances Platform with Lower Gas Fees

The popular NFT marketplace Blur has just launched Blur v2, introducing enhancements to its service. One of the improvements is the reduction of gas fees by 50%. This means that minting NFTs on Blur has become cheaper, opening up new opportunities for creators and traders alike.

Blur v2 brings with it a new trait bidding feature. Traders can earn more points by placing bids on specific traits within their chosen collections. This exciting addition betters the overall trading experience on the platform, allowing users to engage with NFTs in a more interactive and rewarding way.

Blur has been making waves in the NFT marketplace, passings its competitor OpenSea with a substantial market share of 65.94%. However, some critics argue that Blur’s success merely reflects the challenges faced by the NFT market, claiming that NFTs are nothing more than altcoins with pictures.

As Blur v2 makes its debut, the community awaits whether these enhancements will address the concerns raised and fix the negative sentiments within the Web3 space. Nevertheless, Blur continues to push the boundaries of innovation, offering traders and collectors an enhanced trading experience with reduced gas fees and the exciting trait bidding feature. Don’t miss out on exploring Blur v2 and unlocking the full potential of NFT trading on this dynamic platform!

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