Blur Marketplace Explained: What you Should Know

The guide below will tell you all you need to know about Blur –  a marketplace in NFT land that basically fast-tracks your experience into web3 culture. The Blur NFT Marketplace is founded by web3 innovator @PacmanBlur and is taking the NFT space by storm. This is a marketplace designed to level up your web3 experience by allowing you to explore, snipe, sweep, collect, and trade your NFTs at digital hyper-speed! What’s more? Blur has zero trading fees for its users. In a short period post-launch, Blur became a top OpenSea competitor.

Blur’s investors include Paradigm, 6529, Cozomo Medici, dhof, Bharat Krymo, Zeneca, OSF, MoonOverlord, icebergy, Deeze, Andy8052, Beanie, and Keyboard Monkey. The company raised $14 million and was in private beta for over half a year before officially launching to the public late in October 2022. Let’s learn more about this unique marketplace and all of its features in our guide below!

a screenshot of the Blur NFT marketplace

What is Blur Marketplace?

In essence, Blur Marketplace is one of (if not) the fastest real-time NFT aggregators in the Ethereum ecosystem. Blur is the NFT marketplace for pro traders that will be majority owned by the community. As of today, Blur’s total $1.05 million volume makes it the third-highest-ranking marketplace on Ethereum. The idea for the brand-to-be came due to a lack of fast NFT marketplace aggregators. Built by an experienced team from top-notch organizations like MIT, Citadel, Twitch, and more.

The NFT marketplace is also a strong proponent of creator royalties and offers enforced royalties on its platform.  NFTs listed on Blur can also block zero royalty marketplaces. The entire ethos of the Blur ecosystem is towards “pro-NFT traders”, but allows for new entrants to level up quickly as they navigate its tools and features.

Blur shot to fame on its official October 19th launch date via the announcement of two airdrops to NFT OGs and traders on the platform. The two airdrop packages contain their token, $BLUR. The first airdrop of the marketplace took place in October. Blur sent out digital “crates” and care packages containing an undisclosed amount of $BLUR for holders and traders on the platform. The next Blur airdrop is to follow the same. The second airdrop is available for traders who list their NFTs on Blur from now through the end of November. This second airdrop is to be much bigger than the first, and the marketplace grants more $BLUR for listing with royalties.

Who Created Blur NFT Marketplace?

The Blur marketplace is founded by a mysterious individual known only as “PacmanBlur” (Twitter: @PacmanBlur). The marketplace creator hasn’t been doxxed (yet) and remains anonymous. But there are reports of him onboarding early users and influencers during its private beta phase via face-to-face calls. Bored Ape Whale @FranklinIsBored also tweeted that he has had video calls with Pacman and stated that he “isn’t Beanie”.

How Do I claim the Blur Airdrop?

Claiming the Blur NFT airdrop is a pretty simple process. The first airdrop has already been claimed in October. But the second of the series is a much bigger drop than the first. We have previously covered the first Blur Airdrop in detail through the lens of crypto-investigator @0xQuit.  Although, both airdrops use the same mechanism for users trying to claim them. The airdrop mechanism ensures that traders who actively use Blur are the ones who get the most tokens and control of the protocol.

To claim the airdrop, users will need to:

  • 1) First, connect your wallet to Blur and sign a gasless transaction.
  • 2) Next, on the top left corner, click on “Airdrop” and select the “Airdrop 2” tab.
  • 3) Over here, the marketplace will suggest uploading/listing NFTs for you to be eligible to claim the airdrop. You may follow the instructions on the screen to upload your Airdrop. This screen will also let you know the number of crates you are eligible for the airdrop. Each crate contains an undisclosed amount of $BLUR tokens.

Blur Airdrop 2: Best Practices

The marketplace however does not specify any explicit formula for Airdrop 2. This is to prevent bad actors from rigging the airdrop in their favor.  Below are a few tips to ensure you get the best out of Airdrop 2!

  • List more: Blur NFT marketplace rewards users who stay loyal to their platform. The more NFTs you list, the more you earn in the airdrops.
  • Blue Chips: Blur also states that listing Blue-Chip NFTs and NFTs from active collections will also gain you more points on the marketplace.
  • No Rigging Allowed: Users can list by floor price, trait floor price, and ladder list. The marketplace is also conducting detailed investigations against users who try to rig the game. So listing your NFTs at unrealistic prices, listing dead collections, creating multiple fake accounts, etc. will not gain users any traction or points.
  • Sweeping: The marketplace hints at even more rewards for members who try placing at least 3 sweeps on the platform before airdrop 2.
  • Listing For Loyalty: Moreover, traders can also list on multiple marketplaces using Blur. This will improve their ‘Loyalty’ score on the platform. Although, Loyalty doesn’t affect how many Care Packages you receive, but it does affect the ‘luck’ during the time of reveal. More loyalty means more luck, meaning special rewards, super rare care packages, and perks!
  • Raise Loyalty Score: Blur also allows you to control the price at which you list on the marketplace, and has certain rules that affect the loyalty score. Users listing their NFTs at higher rates on Blur compared to other marketplaces automatically receive lower loyalty points. Below are a few examples of how to list your NFTs to gain more loyalty points:
    • List for 0.1 ETH on Blur and 0.05 ETH on other marketplaces, score goes down.
    • List for 0.05 ETH on Blur and 0.1 ETH on other marketplaces, the score goes up.
    • List for 0.1 ETH on Blur and 0.1 ETH on other marketplaces, and the score goes up.
  • Royalties: NFT owners have the right to set their own royalties on the platform. Listers who include royalties will get a larger airdrop than listers who don’t.

The Care Packages from both Airdrop 1 & Airdrop 2 will be revealed in January when the $BLUR token launches along with its protocol governance.

Features Of The Blur NFT Marketplace

Blur is both, a marketplace and an NFT aggregator all in one. Aggregators let you analyze and purchase multiple NFTs simultaneously from multiple marketplaces. Below is a list of features that make Blur one of the best marketplaces, especially for up-and-coming and pro-level NFT traders!

  • Speed: The best thing about the Blur marketplace is admittedly its speed. The marketplace has stated that it is 10x faster than Opensea-acquired aggregator Gem. Blur opens faster batch minting options across all marketplaces and NFT projects.
  • Sweeps: Blur is an aggregation service that primarily targets pro-traders. A common theme among the pros is that they usually prefer to “sweep” NFT projects. They purchase multiple or a bunch of NFTs from any project at their floor price. Blur allows creators and collectors to do this via their inbuilt tools across multiple projects.
    • NFT Whales and advanced traders usually sweep floors of projects before they blow up. Bulk buying NFTs in a short time period is a huge advantage for maximizing profits. Apart from saving fees, high transaction speed is also crucial. Blur helps users do all this and more!
    • Traders can use Blur to sweep the floors of NFT projects. They can also ‘snipe’ reveals thanks to real-time data from numerous markets. Blur also offers up to 17% fewer gas fees than other marketplaces.

  • Listing Options: The marketplace also offers advanced NFT analytics and portfolio options. Floor price, trait floor price, and ladder list are some available listing options. Utilizing integrated analytics portfolio management is possible.

  • Portfolio View: Users can also view the portfolio activity of any wallet on Blur. This means users can view all activity or filter by collection for any wallet trading on the platform. Additionally, traders have free access to all functions across the platform!

Notable Investors And Related Parties

The Blur Marketplace is backed by industry leaders and culture-shakers. It is quite literally by pro-NFT traders for pro NFT traders. The whole idea behind building the marketplace was to provide a faster NFT marketplace experience overall. Below are some of the big names that helped build the marketplace:

Paradigm: Paradigm is an investment firm focused on supporting the crypto/Web3 companies and protocols of tomorrow. The firm has supported various projects such as Magic Eden, Moonpay, Tessera, Zora, and more!

Zeneca: Zeneca is a master educator and builder in the space. His work onboarding thousands of people into web3 via Zen Academy is a notable feat in the crypto world. He is also the “Chief Zen Officer” at Blur.

Punk 6529: Punk6529 is an anonymous yet powerful force in the NFT industry. 6529 is a popular thought leader/NFT philosopher in the space. He posts regularly about the far future of the crypto/NFT world and is a regular investor in major crypto platforms. He also has built his own 6529 Metaverse.

Cozomo De Medici: Cozomo De Medici is a mysterious NFT whale in the industry with a portfolio worth over $17 million! Some had speculated that Cozomo is actually Snoop Dogg, after the famous tie-up with the iconic hip-hop artist, but it turned out that wasn’t the case. Other rumors have suggested the personality may be rap superstar and independent music icon Russ, but even those rumors are unproven. Whoever Cozomo is, the anonymous entity is a pioneer and mega-investor in the scene.

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