Can AI Save the Metaverse?

AI Metaverse

It seems as though the metaverse is taking a backseat as tech giants like Meta shift their focus to AI. Despite claiming that the former remains a priority, Meta’s move reflects the growing interest in AI’s potential. Additionally, investors and users are flocking to AI applications, such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which reached a record-breaking 100 million active users in January. So, can AI save the metaverse?


  • Fashion industry embraces AI, while metaverse fashion struggles.
  • China shifts focus from metaverse to AI, impacting metaverse ventures.
  • Metaverse offers a platform for creative self-expression lacking in AI, opening up exciting opportunities.


AI Metaverse

Unveiling the Potential of AI-Metaverse Integration. Image: Getty Images

AI Takes the Lead: Projected $1.5 Trillion Market Growth

The AI market is projected to grow at an impressive rate of 37.3% annually from 2023 to 2030. Thus, reaching a staggering value of over $1.5 trillion. Essentially, this surge in AI’s popularity has overshadowed the metaverse, despite the significant investments made in the virtual world over the past five years.

The fashion industry, in particular, has shown a strong affinity for AI. AI-powered fashion design accounts have gained immense popularity by creating hyper-realistic digital fashion pieces. In contrast, metaverse fashion struggles to gain mainstream appeal. Currently, only a few breakout players like Roblox successfully capture attention. On the other hand, One of the main challenges for metaverse fashion is its early stage of development, making it inaccessible and clunky for users. As a result, brands like Vaquera, Levi’s, and Casablanca are turning to AI instead.

Furthermore, China, once a stronghold of the metaverse, is also shifting its focus. This shift has led to closures of metaverse ventures in China, particularly in digital fashion and collectibles platforms. With AI rapidly gaining popularity, the metaverse market finds itself at a crossroads.

Fashion's Love Affair with AI

Fashion’s Love Affair with AI. Image: Andrea Avellino

Powering the Future: The Dynamic Duo of AI and the Metaverse

So, can AI and the metaverse coexist and even benefit from each other? Significantly, while AI possesses unmatched creativity, the metaverse provides assurance and trust through blockchain technology. Combining the two can unlock a world of exciting possibilities. Moreover, the integration of AI and the metaverse could amplify user empowerment and foster an environment of collaboration and innovation.

A recent example of this is Apple. The tech giant has dropped hints about incorporating generative AI into its Vision Pro headset. This exciting development shows how companies can invest in both tools to enhance their applications.

Furthermore, there is still a place for the metaverse in modern web culture. It offers a platform for users to express themselves creatively, something that AI lacks. The metaverse’s user-generated content contributes to its ongoing relevance and vibrant nature in web culture.

As AI keeps changing the world, it could also make the metaverse more important. Ultimately, when they work together, it opens up thrilling opportunities, giving users more power and making the virtual world accessible to everyone.

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