Celebrity Boxing in the Metaverse: Roy Jones Jr. TKO’s NDO Champ in Virtual Reality

Former world champion boxer, Roy Jones Jr. TKO’s NDO Champ in the 7th round of the metaverse’s first-ever boxing event. Let’s dive in.


  • In the groundbreaking Official Celebrity Boxing metaverse event in Miami, Roy Jones Jr. TKO’d NDO Champ in the 7th round, showcasing the fusion of virtual reality and combat sports.
  • Despite some minor pixelation glitches, the video capture technology accurately depicted the fighters’ unique styles, highlighting the potential of virtual reality in sports entertainment.
  • The event pushed the boundaries of traditional sports, paving the way for future metaverse sports events and promising more immersive experiences as technology continues to advance.
Still from Roy Jones Jr metaverse boxing

Roy Jones Jr. Leads First Metaverse Boxing Event

Roy Jones Jr. TKO’s NDO Champ in Metaverse Boxing Event

The event, part of the Official Celebrity Boxing Metaverse series, unfolded in Miami and was organised by Damon Feldman, a leading name in celebrity boxing. Through cutting-edge video capture technology, the fighters appeared as dynamic characters within a video game. In the 7th round of the metaverse’s first-ever boxing fight, Roy Jones Jr. TKO’d (total knock-out) NDO Champ. 

Significantly, the video capture technology showed its potential to depict the fighting styles of the competitors. However, there were a few minor pixelation glitches. Still, its debut showed the steps being taken in virtual reality. The match’s primary focus was on showing the technology and the concept of celebrity boxing within the metaverse. This approach also shows the integration of combat sports and virtual reality as a platform for entertainment.

Furthermore, the event pushed the boundaries of traditional sports entertainment and showed the potential of the metaverse. As technology advances and improves within this space, we can expect more virtual experiences. The Roy Jones Jr. and NDO Champ event was just the opening chapter. Moreover, with celebrity status and advances in technology, the metaverse sets the stage for events in the future. So, it will be interesting to see how this event shapes entertainment in Web3, NFTs, and the metaverse, and the way it enables engagement within combat sports. 

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