Cool Monkes NFT and P2E Game: A Guide

Riding on the popularity of apes, a new NFT project called Cool Monkes hit the Ethereum blockchain early 2022. Actually, unlike several other projects in the space, Cool Monkes is an interactive PvE (Player versus environment) collection. This NFT collection allows breeding, staking, has its own tokens, games, and more. 

The Cool Monke open metaverse with trees, plots, and activities

The Cool Monkes NFT project offers a fun and interactive open-metaverse. Credit: Cool Monkes

What is the Cool Monkes NFT collection?

The Cool Monkes NFT collection features 10,000 NFTs randomly generated from over 250 hand-drawn traits. Some of the traits include outfits, faces, hats, and colours, with traits like UFO or dinosaur outfits being extremely rare. The Monkes come in eight different rarities—cool, cooler, wild, exotic, epic, elite, legendary, and bananas. While Cool Monkes are common, Banana Monkes are extremely rare with just 100 in all. 

About The Cool Monkes Game

They will create a PvE and PvP (player versus player) experience for the members. In fact, this is the project’s mission: “To create a fun and nostalgic experience for our community with immersive new ways for players to interact with their NFTs and fellow community members.” 

Baby Cool Monkes: Breeding NFTs

Let’s take a look at some of the perks the project offers. Firstly, all Cool Monkes NFT holders can breed two Cool Monkes to get Baby Cool Monkes. Here’s the fun bit—players can even train and use the Cool Monkes as playable characters in the project’s interactive world. Basically, holders can farm and compete for Cool Monkes Banana Token ($CMB) with other players through many fun and engaging means. Players can also stake their Monkes to earn $CMB based on their rarity. 

Different Cool Monke avatars and their rarity

The Cool Monkes come in 8 rarities. Credit: Cool Monke

About $CMB coin, their in-game token

Now, $CMB is the main in-game currency. Players can use these tokens to buy trainers and bags, breed Monkes, buy items from the Monke store, buy plots of land, buy building supplies, and more. The Monke Store is basically an NFT marketplace to buy all sorts of items to evolve your Cool Monkes.

Monke World Metaverse: All you need to know

All the farming, $CMB earnings, games, and more happens in the Monke world metaverse. Basically, this is an open-world metaverse where you can explore and collect resources and earn $CMB. You can chop trees, mine minerals, hunt for seeds, and more to develop your land. In the metaverse, you can earn $CMB in a number of ways:

  • Meet up and chat with the community members
  • Participate in quests
  • Explore and find resources
  • Upgrade your plot and treehouse with resources
  • Farm crops, trade, and more

Cool Monkes NFT project is unveiling each aspect of the game in different stages. While staking started in February, exploring and mining are set to start this month. In April, plots, treehouses, and farming will go live. Then, the project will launch Playground in June. This is where you can compete against other Cool Monkes in fun and competitive games.

Clearly, Cool Monkes is in it for the long haul and has much to offer its members. Already, the project’s floor has climbed to 0.148 ETH, with a total trade volume of 9,300 ETH or around $31 million. If it can deliver good gameplay, then the project might just become a strong contender to other projects in the space.

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