Dao4Art’s Built-In DEX Launches: Swap Eth/Royalty Tokens, Earn Royalty Income with LP Support and Burn Function

DAO4ART announces its latest advancements designed to revolutionize the NFT community, their very own DEX! With the newly launched built-in decentralized exchange (DEX), users can now enjoy seamless direct swaps between ETH and royalty tokens. The platform also offers comprehensive support for liquidity pools (LP) and introduces a burn function, enabling royalty token holders to exchange their tokens for royalty income.


DAO4ART Latest Advancements:

  • Introducing a built-in DEX for seamless direct swaps between ETH and royalty tokens.
  • Comprehensive support for liquidity pools (LP) and a burn function for exchanging royalty tokens for royalty income.
  • Revolutionizing the NFT community with enhanced tokenomics and continuous IP content updates.

100 x 100 Royalty III Campaign Highlights:

  • Theme: “The Thousand Faces of Satoshi” across multiple universes.
  • Showcase AI-generated art, emphasizing diversity and innovation.
  • Twitter engagement, prize rewards, and technical guidance provided for participants.

dao4art dex logo

DAO4ART: Catch All The Latest DEX Updates

Let’s delve into the key features and value proposition of the royalty token offered by DAO4ART:

  1. User Scale: By introducing royalty tokens, DAO4ART aims to expand the number of NFT community asset holders exponentially. This innovative approach also removes the limitations imposed by the number of 721 tokens and provides a theoretical limit. Furthermore, the entry barrier for NFT community asset holders is significantly lower. This makes participation in blue-chip community NFT tokenomics more accessible.
  2. Complete NFT Tokenomics: DAO4ART breaks the paradox of NFT floor price and liquidity. It allows the community to share NFT 721 transaction incentives through royalty tokens. This mutually beneficial relationship between the secondary market liquidity of NFT 721 and royalty tokens also creates a flywheel effect. It significantly increases the scale of asset packages.
  3. Continuous IP Content Updates: Royalty tokens incentivize NFT project teams to continuously update IP content. This sustainable rewarding model also motivates collaboration within the community. This in turn drives the promotion and enhancement of IP content quality. Ultimately, it leads to improved project fundamentals.
  4. Artificial Intelligence Generated Content (AIGC): With the rise of AI tools like ChatGPT, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion, content creation capabilities have become more accessible. However, the current copyright framework poses challenges for content creators seeking monetization opportunities and incentives for ongoing updates. The royalty token, accompanied by CC0 Copyright, introduces a groundbreaking web3 tokenomics model. This offers a potential solution to these issues.

To witness the transformative power of DAO4ART’s enhancements, you can explore the Jogger collection t122 trading stats. Experience the future of NFTs with DAO4ART and embrace a new era of possibilities in the digital art space.

Win Big In The DAO4ART AI Art Contest!

poster for the DAO4ART AI ART Contest

Hurry Up Creators!

DAO4ART is thrilled to kick off the highly anticipated 100 x 100 Royalty III campaign, building upon the success of its previous endeavors. This time, participants have the opportunity to showcase their talent in creating the best AI-generated art and win attractive cash prizes.

Campaign Theme: The Thousand Faces of Satoshi

  • The campaign revolves around the intriguing concept of “The Thousand Faces of Satoshi.”
  • Imagining multiple universes, where Bitcoin has been created countless times, each universe witnesses a moment of crypto rebellion and a different incarnation of Satoshi Nakamoto.
  • The aim is to capture the essence of this concept through AI-generated artworks. It also emphasizes the belief in mathematics and trust in the crypto world.
  • DAO4ART places significant emphasis on diversity and innovation.
  • Moreover, artworks showing unique styles and approaches related to Satoshi will be given priority.

Work Requirements:

  1. Independent Authorship:
    • Participants must be independent authors utilizing AI to generate content.
  2. Theme Alignment:
    • Artworks must reflect the theme of “The Thousand Faces of Satoshi” as specified.
    • Image prompts should also be provided alongside the artwork.
  3. Copyright Agreement:
    • Participants must commit to accepting CC0 copyright.
    • The AI-generated image should have a minimum short side of 2000 pixels and no specific theme or style restrictions.

Participation Methods:

  1. Twitter Engagement:
    • Follow DAO4ART on Twitter.
    • Retweet the campaign announcement.
    • Send a tweet containing your AI-generated image, image prompts, and your USDT address (ERC20) to enter the competition.
  2. Prize and Selection:
    • DAO4ART will carefully review the submissions and select winning artworks.
    • Once selected, DAO4ART then sends 100 USDT to the winner’s provided address.
    • Each Twitter account is limited to one winning artwork, with a maximum reward of 100 USDT.
  3. Technical Guidance and Support:
    • DAO4ART also provides all relevant technical guidance through its Discord group.

Good luck to all participants in this exciting campaign!