DeGods Leave Polygon, Move y00ts to Ethereum, and Return $3 Million Grant!

picture of y00ts and degods NFTs

DeLabs’ NFT project, y00ts, has taken a surprising step by migrating back to the Ethereum mainnet from the Polygon scaling network. This is just ahead of the highly anticipated unveiling of DeGods’ “Season 3” content. While the exact migration date remains undisclosed, this move has sparked interest, debates, and discussions within the NFT community.


  • DeLabs’ NFT project y00ts shifts from Polygon back to Ethereum mainnet ahead of DeGods’ “Season 3” reveal.
  • The return has raised questions about project motives after migrating from Solana to Polygon with a $3 million grant.
  • DeLabs’ decision to return the grant and allocate $1 million to Polygon-native builders adds complexity to the shifting NFT landscape.

picture of y00ts and degods NFTs

y00ts – All Around The Blockchain

Initially, y00ts garnered attention when it shifted from Solana to Polygon, supported by a substantial $3 million grant from Polygon Labs. This grant aimed to empower DeLabs, fostering team growth and Polygon ecosystem contributions. However, the unexpected return of y00ts to Ethereum raises questions regarding the project’s motivations behind this transition.

This move comes paired with a noteworthy decision. DeLabs has opted to return the entire $3 million grant to Polygon Labs. Meanwhile, the brand allocates $1 million to support “Polygon-native builders and creators.” This strategic redistribution highlights the intricacies of navigating the blockchain landscape. But it also prompts responses from the NFT market.

The floor price of y00ts NFTs on OpenSea experienced a significant increase in this time. This indicates investors and collectors are closely monitoring the project’s unfolding developments. In parallel, DeGods, another DeLabs creation, retains its position as a valuable NFT project in the market.

The Heavy Question: Is DeGods Rugging?

Amid these strategic shifts, the NFT ecosystem eagerly anticipates the outcomes of DeLabs‘ decisions. The journey from Solana to Polygon and back to Ethereum underscores a willingness to explore and adapt to various blockchain environments. While the y00ts migration offers intriguing prospects, questions linger about potential synergies between y00ts and the esteemed DeGods collection on the Ethereum mainnet.

The dynamic NFT landscape thrives on continuous innovation and exploration. DeLabs’ strategic choices mirror the fluidity of the ecosystem, where creators actively seek optimal platforms to showcase their collections. As DeLabs navigates these migrations, the broader NFT community observes with keen interest, eager to witness how these choices will shape both the y00ts and DeGods projects’ trajectories. These moves contribute to the ongoing evolution of the NFT realm, reaffirming its status as a dynamic and ever-changing space.

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