Infinity Checks: Jack Butcher’s Bold Attempt to Elevate Art Beyond Monetary Gains

a picture of Jack Butcher and Jalil.ETH's infinity checks nft project

Jack Butcher & jalil.eth unveil latest market experiment – “Infinity Checks”. This is a venture that redefines the balance between art appreciation and financial gains. This is a first-of-its-kind experiment to see if simplifying collecting to its core (collecting without making money) slows things down for NFTs. Here’s all you need to know.


  • Jack Butcher & jalil.eth introduce “Infinity Checks,” redefining the balance between art appreciation and financial gain in NFTs.
  • Amid 2023’s NFT market challenges, Infinity Checks responds to escalating interest causing price spikes, overshadowing art itself.
  • The collection offers infinite NFTs at a fixed price, aiming to foster artistic engagement over profits and create a shared community experience.

a picture of Jack Butcher and Jalil.ETH's infinity checks nft project

Jack Butcher x Jalil.ETH: Infinity Checks For True “Collectors”

Infinity Checks emerges in response to the challenges posed by the NFT market in 2023. To clarify, the skyrocketing interest in NFT projects often triggers price spikes. However, this raises barriers to entry and promotes profit-driven behavior. As such, this rush for gains then tends to overshadow the core essence of the artwork itself. Eventually, it leads to unstable value fluctuations and market uncertainty. Butcher and his collaborator, Jalil, are determined to address this issue head-on.

The concept behind Infinity Checks centers on creating a stable foundation. This collection boasts an infinite supply of NFTs. Each encapsulates a unique artistic essence. What truly distinguishes it is the unwavering price tag of 0.008 ETH, even amidst financial turmoil.

In their pursuit, Butcher and Jalil envision a scenario where the ecosystem’s value transcends mere monetary rewards. This approach could potentially attract a community of collectors who prioritize artistic engagement over financial gains. Moreover, by adopting an inclusive strategy, Visualize Value aims to foster a sense of shared experience among its community.

New Checks = New Market Movements?

Maintaining this price equilibrium involves an interesting twist. While the price is fixed, collectors possess the autonomy to reclaim their investment at any juncture. This feature underscores Butcher and Jalil’s commitment to preserving artistic integrity. The ETH deposited for minting an Infinity Check resides within the collection’s smart contract. Collectors have the option to withdraw and initiate a refund, leading to the destruction of the associated artwork.

Matt O’Brien, an avid Checks collector and supporter, also reflects on the ethos of this approach. He emphasizes that the VV team’s projects, such as Jack Butcher’s Checks, Opepen, and Infinity Checks, illustrate that participation in Web3 need not come at prohibitively high price points. Furthermore, this philosophy resonates with a broader aspiration for inclusivity in the digital art space. As Visualize Value pioneers this avant-garde approach, it also paves the way for a harmonious coexistence of artistic passion and sustainable engagement.

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