Digital Couture Redefined: The Fabricant Unveils ‘Primal Rave’ Collection at NYFW

a digital model for The Fabricant Wholeland Primal Rave Collection at NYFW

In an electrifying collision of cutting-edge digital craftsmanship and limitless storytelling, The Fabricant, a pioneering digital fashion house, is set to unveil its groundbreaking digital couture collection – “Primal Rave” at NYFW 2023! The anticipation builds as the fashion world eagerly awaits the video presentation scheduled for September 5, 2023, as part of the prestigious NYFW.

With an avant-garde approach, The Fabricant emerges as a trailblazer in the realm of digital fashion. The brand redefines the essence of couture and the traditional runway experience.


  • The Fabricant, a pioneer in digital fashion, presents a groundbreaking collection at NYFW, fusing technology and couture.
  • “Wholeland: Primal Rave” narrates an avatar hero’s journey, merging club culture with spiritual exploration, guided by Amber Jae Slooten’s visionary designs.
  • This transformative collection showcases complete digital couture ensembles, featuring immersive experiences and augmented reality enhancements.

a digital model for The Fabricant Wholeland Primal Rave Collection at NYFW

Fabricant’s Wholeland: Primal Rave Storms Through NYFW

Titled “Wholeland: Primal Rave: The Underworld Revelation & Unveiling the Multidimensional Being,” the forthcoming collection and presentation promises nothing short of a visual masterpiece. Moreover, the narrative draws inspiration from the mythical expedition of 1n0, an avatar hero inspired by Sumerian goddess Inanna.

Guided by the visionary Dutch fashion designer Amber Jae Slooten, this intricate odyssey seamlessly intertwines the dynamic spirit of club culture with a profound spiritual exploration of one’s identity. The narrative gracefully unfolds and depicts the character’s descent into an otherworldly rave of enchanting proportions.

The Fabricant embarked on its couture odyssey with the unveiling of the WHOLELAND: XXories and WHOLELAND: Kapers collections in 2022 and 2023 respectively. These collections imbued the narrative with layers of meaning. It incorporates symbols of self-realization and collaborative creation. The upcoming PRIMAL RAVE collection shatters conventions by presenting complete digital couture ensembles rather than individual pieces.

Yet, it’s not just about aesthetics. Each virtual garment offers an immersive encounter. Augmented reality features and interoperable capabilities further enhance the experience. This direction also deepens the wearer’s connection with the collection.

Slooten’s artistic vision resonates throughout the project. From intricately curated mood boards to immersive videos. As part of their visionary strategy, the collection will debut in two distinctive drops, culminating in a grand unveiling during NYFW on the esteemed CFDA Runway360 and platforms.

How ‘Wholeland: Primal Rave’ Shakes Up The Fashion World!

The teaser video for “Wholeland: Primal Rave” was released today, accompanied by an evocative music and sound design by Paul Much from Wave Studios. The video transcends the boundaries of couture. It dares to stretch the limits of imagination and possibility. This audacious approach allows Slooten’s creations to thrive within an expansive digital realm. These pieces transcend mere fashion. They also transform into bona fide works of art that seamlessly adapt to various metaverses.

Furthermore, the collection offers personalization options for their fortunate owners. The meticulous fusion of Unreal Engine’s top-tier graphics, dynamic lighting, and cutting-edge real-time rendering is undeniably revolutionizing the trajectory of the fashion universe.

more snapshots of The Fabricants NYFW collection Primal Rave

Furthermore, visionary CEO Kerry Murphy underscores the narrative of innovation that threads through The Fabricant’s journey. “Our narrative is interwoven with innovation, and this collection marks only the inception of our journey,” she states.

The enduring partnership with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine is also pivotal in shaping The Fabricant’s evolution, propelling them into the forefront of digital fashion encounters. Notably, industry giants like Ralph Lauren, Nike, and LVMH have forged alliances with Epic Games. This also signals a seismic shift in the fashion world’s embrace of digital technologies.

Beyond presenting awe-inspiring designs, The Fabricant spearheads the fusion of fashion with the metaverse. This is epitomized by the immersive ‘Primal Rave’ experience, set to debut in in late September. As the countdown begins, the fashion landscape braces for a new era of innovation and limitless expression, where the virtual and the tangible converge in a symphony of artistry and technology.

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