Dive into ‘Cultureverse’: Walmart and POClab’s Virtual Homage to Hip-Hop

announcement poster for POC Labs Cultureverse

In a dynamic collaboration, retail giant Walmart and People of Crypto Lab (POClab), a pioneering creative studio, have revealed their groundbreaking virtual creation – ‘Cultureverse’.

This immersive experience, a homage to Hip-Hop’s 50th anniversary and the profound influence of Black culture, aims to spark inclusivity and innovation.


  • Walmart and People of Crypto Lab (POClab) introduce ‘Cultureverse’, an immersive virtual tribute to Hip-Hop and Black culture.
  • Scheduled for September, the experience celebrates Hip-Hop’s 50th anniversary and empowers Black creators through inclusivity and innovation.
  • Walmart’s Black & Unlimited platform partners with POClab to create real-world impact by fostering a new generation of culture builders.

announcement poster for POC Labs Cultureverse

Blockchain & Hip-Hop Legacies Unite At Cultureverse!

POClab, known for their intersection of culture and technology, has gained prominence since 2021. The brand has held initiatives like #MetaPride, the world’s inaugural Pride festival in the metaverse. Key partners such as The Sandbox, Animoca Brands, Gaingels, and Tess Ventures have propelled their mission.

Set to launch in September on Spatial, Cultureverse is an interactive journey. It pays tribute to Hip-Hop pioneers while exploring its evolving landscape, aiming to enhance technology accessibility for Black creators. This aligns with POClab’s commitment to highlighting marginalized communities and fostering change through digital connections.

Rock the Bells, the annual hip-hop music festival, and undisclosed partners support the venture. Walmart, a major collaborator, employs its Black & Unlimited platform to amplify Black creators’ potential. By integrating custom programming and collaborations, Walmart aspires to create real-world impact. Moreover, it also empowers the next generation of culture influencers.

Justin Breton, Director of Brand Experiences and Strategic Partnerships at Walmart, shares, “Cultureverse introduces Walmart’s Black & Unlimited to the virtual realm, inspiring Black creators and fostering real-world impact.”

Cultureverse isn’t a solitary experience; it also signifies a movement. With a shared commitment to representation and inclusivity, it embarks on a journey to inspire innovation. Furthermore, it celebrates the enduring impact of Black culture on society.

Simone Berry, co-founder of POClab, encapsulates the sentiment, stating, “We proudly introduce Cultureverse, celebrating Black culture’s societal impact. This collaboration with Walmart’s Black & Unlimited aims to inspire a new generation and cultivate innovation.

As the launch approaches, Cultureverse also holds the promise of a transformative exploration of Hip-Hop’s legacy and Black culture’s enduring influence.

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