Doodles’ Unveils ‘Pukenza’ as a Gift for its Holders!

Picture depicts Art collection

Doodles’ released ‘pukenza’ as a Christmas gift for all doodles holders. The art is available at Degen Art Club.

Picture depicts Art collection

This rainbow-styled artwork is available to mint.
Image Credit: Degen Art Club

What is Pukenza?

Doodles explained Pukenza as a term to describe rainbows over the Flow Field. This art is inspired by the visual artist – Tyler Hobb’s Fidenza. Given that, the doodles fused this concept with their colourful generative art.

Interestingly, Pukenza is free to mint on Ethereum blockchain for all Doodle Holders. However, the minting period is till 1st February 2022. So if you’re a doodle holder, hurry, and grab your punkeza. Besides, one doodle collectable can attain one punkeza only.

DoodleBank funded the entire process of launching this cool art. The bank is a treasury created via royalties from collection sales. Significantly, DoodleBank has a supply of 650 ETH (at the time of writing).

Basically, holders can add pukenza to their NFT in many forms. These include background, in their accessories, clothes, hair, etc.

picture depicts Doodles Pukenza

The Pukenza was designed by the co-founder of West Coast NFT.

Following the doodles announcement, the holders were clearly excited and flooded their social media handles with their doodles featuring this new art.

It’s thrilling to see how the NFT community is growing with new creative ideas. You can check out the newly released artwork at Degen Art Club. Want to know more about the Doodles NFT project? Read here.

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