Kodas: NFT Avatars From Yuga Labs’ Otherside

From the moment that Yuga Labs finally announced the date for its Otherside mint, the Kodas became the hottest topic in the NFT space. Since their inclusion in the leaked Yuga Labs pitch deck from a few weeks ago, people have anticipated the Kodas as the next mega-hit NFT collection from the BAYC creators.

But just what is a Koda? Is it actually an NFT? And is it still possible for you to buy one?

Image from leaked Yuga Labs pitch deck

Despite claims from the Yuga Labs founders, the leaked pitch deck turned out to be almost completely accurate. At least when it came to the Kodas.

The History Behind The Otherside’s Mysterious Characters

The Kodas made their first appearance in the buzzy trailer for Otherside that Yuga Labs put out back in March. In that video, the Bored Ape character we follow gets whisked away to a fantastical world, Otherside, by a small alien creature.

What’s more, the potion that the ape drinks – which is what starts shifting the world in front of him – is in a bottle with a Koda likeness on it. That same likeness is the current Otherside logo.

At the time no one knew what this creature was or just how big of a role it would play in Otherside. That all changed quickly when a leaked Yuga Labs pitch deck made the rounds on the internet.

Still from the Otherside teaser trailer

The viral trailer for Otherside featured the first-ever Koda sighting. Credit: Otherside

What is a Koda NFT?

In line with their description in the pitch deck, the Otherside website describes Kodas as “the primal beings that have ushered us into the Otherside.”

We actually get a little bit more lore from the pitch deck. There it classifies Kodas as a race of “celestials”. As the last celestials, these creatures are vital to the world of Otherside. Indeed, their energy is what keeps the universe from collapsing.

The idea follows that the Kodas used their cosmic energy to create one last microverse into “our dimension”. That microverse, of course, would be Otherside. The Bored Apes, along with the other Yuga Labs NFTs and some select partners, are who the Kodas decide to pull into this new world. Obviously, this is essentially the storyline that we see play out in the Otherside trailer.

an Otherside Koda

People have been waiting for the Kodas ever since the leaked Yuga Labs pitch deck revealed the name of these cute alien creatures.

Are Kodas actually NFT avatars for the Otherside Metaverse?

In the end, the Kodas appeared just as the pitch deck said they would. Meaning, right now, the Kodas are just additional traits in Otherdeeds. To clarify, Otherdeeds are the NFTs that are tied to the lands that will come out once Otherside launches.

While some people believed that the Kodas might launch as a standalone NFT PFP collection, that isn’t the case. Although, perhaps there will be Koda NFTs down the line. Or better yet, the little aliens could have full, metaverse-ready avatars to use in Otherside.

a Koda avatar with traits

Kodas may not be a full-blown collection of their own, but they still have traits and a rarity system. Credit: Traitsniffer.com via @Boobers_Lava on Twitter

How To Claim a Koda

At the time of writing, people have minted or claimed 97,145 Otherdeed NFTs. That means that there are 2,855 Otherdeeds still up for grabs. By the same token, 9,696 of a total of 10,000 Kodas have been revealed so far. So does that mean that you still have a chance to win the lottery with a Koda-bearing Otherdeed?

Well, unfortunately, the general public’s chance has now passed. To explain, there are 100,000 genesis Otherdeeds in total. 55,000 Otherdeeds were available for the now infamous public mint. Then there were the Otherdeeds available for BAYC and MAYC holders to claim, at a rate of 1:1.

Given that there are 10,000 BAYC NFTs and 20,000 MAYC NFTs, that means another 30,000 Otherdeeds are accounted for. That leaves 15,000 Otherdeeds, which were reserved for various Yuga Labs/Otherside partners and investors.

golden mega koda from Otherside

The 100 Mega Kodas are the rarest of the rare!

How to Buy Koda NFTs

At this point, the only way to get your hands on a Koda is to buy an Otherdeed that has one on secondary. And as you’d expect, they aren’t going for cheap! To illustrate, the overall floor price for Otherdeeds on OpenSea is 3.6 ETH. Compare that to the floor price for Otherdeeds with Kodas, which is currently at 23.3 ETH.

All things considered, this is hardly a surprise. After all, Yuga Labs has made it very clear that Kodas will be central to the Otherside experience. In a way, Yuga Labs have made history again. In essence, they’ve turned a sub-collection of NFT traits into a blue-chip collection.

One thing’s for sure, the Koda hype isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Now Yuga Labs just has to deliver with the Otherside game itself.

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