Explore Club Memorabilia in a Whole New Way: Manchester United’s NFT Showcase”

The famous football club, Manchester United, reveals its museum exhibit with ties to Web3 and NFTs. Here’s everything you need to know.


  • Manchester United Museum reveals an exhibit featuring NFT memorabilia, offering fans an immersive experience into the world of Web3.
  • Over 750,000 fans have acquired Manchester United’s NFTs since their launch in December 2022, showing a growing interest in NFTs.
  • NFT holders gain perks, including access to dedicated channels on Manchester United’s Discord community and behind-the-scenes footage. Don’t miss this unique exhibition for football enthusiasts and Web3 fans alike.
Still From Manchester United Museum

Manchester United Museum Showcases NFT Memorabilia

Manchester United Museum Reveals Exhibit Featuring NFTs

Prepare for an exciting experience at the Manchester United Museum as they reveal their exhibit featuring NFTs. Significantly, fans from across the globe travel to Manchester to be a part of this weekend’s event. Therefore, the event marks a huge moment for the club made possible by the emergence of NFTs.

The digital collectibles exhibit is now open to the public, offering an immersive exploration into the world of Web3 and presenting a range of brand-new club memorabilia. What’s more, these collectibles were crafted in collaboration with Tezos, the club’s official blockchain partner, along with various other Tezos ecosystem companies.

Back in December 2022, Manchester United made history by introducing its first NFT. Since its launch on December 16th, over 750,000 fans have acquired these NFTs, marking a huge surge in contract interactions on the Tezos blockchain compared to the period before the release.

What Perks Do They Give?

Owning these collectibles unlocked access to dedicated channels within Manchester United’s official Discord community, which happened to be the largest in the Premier League at that time. Within this space, fans had the opportunity to collaborate on future community initiatives and cast their votes for upcoming projects.

Discord also served as the platform where NFT holders could immerse themselves in matchday experiences. This is achieved through the provision of exclusive behind-the-scenes footage unavailable elsewhere. Moreover, these unique perks allowed holders to soak up the atmosphere of Old Trafford, whether they were in the stadium itself or not.

So, if you’re a football fanatic and Web3 enthusiast, don’t miss out on this exhibition at the Manchester United Museum. This is where NFT collectibles and the love of football take center stage for us all to enjoy.

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