From Need for Speed to MetaRides Racing: EA Veterans Revolutionize the Gaming Industry

MetaRides Racing has teamed up with Unstoppable Domans, a platform for user-owned digital identity, to release an NFT racing game. Here’s everything you need to know.


  • MetaRides Racing and Unstoppable Domains are collaborating to release an NFT-based racing game that breaks down barriers between metaverses.
  • Players can customize their NFT cars with unique colors, body styles, and license plates. This means that players can represent their digital identities across virtual worlds.
  • The game will launch on Steam and expand to other platforms. Thus, offering high-quality racing cars to millions of Unstoppable Domain holders and allowing racing across nearly 60 metaverse platforms.
Still from MetaRides Racing

MetaRides Racing is Revolutionizing the Gaming Industry

MetaRides Racing x Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains teams up with MetaRides Racing, a blockchain-based multiplayer racing project, to launch a racing game that takes interoperability between metaverses to new heights.

MetaRides Racing is not your average racing game. Developed by ex-Electronic Arts developers from the racing game, Need For Speed, it’s a decentralized 3D racing game designed to break down the barriers between metaverses. Additionally, the game will feature digital dealerships and offer collectible NFT-based vehicles that can move between various virtual worlds.

What’s more, Unstoppable domain holders will have the chance to show off their identities with digital car collectibles. These NFT cars will be interoperable, allowing you to customize them with unique colors, body styles, and license plates. Moreover, these license plates will feature Web3 domain endings like .x, .crypto, and .nft.

The Early Access version of MetaRides Racing already promises an exciting experience. You’ll hit the track in a vibrant megapolis and its outskirts, driving the supercar Zara. Also, three body styles of Zara will be available exclusively for Unstoppable Domain domain holders. As the game continues to evolve, new tracks and vehicles will be introduced. Thus, keeping the adrenaline pumping and the competition fierce.

The Future Of Metaverse Racing

Significantly, the future of MetaRides Racing looks bright. With plans to launch on Steam, the world’s largest digital video games distribution platform. However, the developers are also working on expanding the game’s availability to platforms like the Epic Games Store and even mobile devices.

It’s no secret that cars have become highly in-demand NFT assets, with fans willing to invest large sums to showcase their online presence. Recognizing this demand, Unstoppable Domains enables users to connect their digital identities with the latest digital car collectibles.

Furthermore, by partnering with Unstoppable Domains, MetaRides can offer its high-quality racing cars to millions of domain holders. Thus, bringing us one step closer to their shared mission of providing everyone in the world with their own digital identity linked to unique vehicle NFTs.

To ensure seamless interoperability, MetaRides is collaborating with nearly 60 different metaverse platforms, including popular names like Income Island, Frenzland, Beyond Earth, XSpectar, Lunar One, Cyber Realm, EntertainM, XVerse, BloomVerse, and many more. Therefore, the possibilities for racing across virtual worlds are expanding quickly.

Excitement builds as MetaRides prepares to launch an open edition mint of 1 million unique, Unstoppable-branded car NFTs. These NFTs will feature a variety of colors and body styles, including base, sport, and race versions, along with an exclusive Unstoppable blue garage NFT.

As part of the Unstoppable community, you can showcase your NFT cars in a special MetaRides section on your profile page and earn badges for collecting MetaRides car NFTs. So gear up and let your collection speak for itself!


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