‘Follow The Rabbit’ to Las Vegas With Azuki!

Azuki Follow the Rabbit promo

Azuki is organizing an exciting event called ‘Follow the Rabbit!’ Significantly, it will be held on June 23rd at Hakkasan Nightclub in Las Vegas. Moreover, to make the experience smooth for attendees, Azuki partnered with tokenized ticketing platform tokenproof. This will significantly ease the registration process. On April 24th, the tokenproof app will confirm the final guestlist for the event, and attendees will have access to view their tickets and receive updates through the app. Let’s dive in!

Azuki Follow the Rabbit promo

Holders will get priority access to ‘Follow the Rabbit.’

Azuki Bridges the Gap Between Digital and Physical with Las Vegas Event

Firstly, what is Azuki? Well, Azuki is one of the top anime-themed NFT projects. It features vibrant and colorful anime-inspired artwork that appeals to anime and manga enthusiasts. The project has gained significant popularity among the NFT community. This is due to its unique and appealing designs, limited supply, and high demand.

So, how can we attend the ‘Follow the Rabbit’ event? Firstly, to secure a ticket, attendees must deposit $100 into tokenproof. However, the event is actually free. Azuki will refund the deposit in full to those who attend the event or did not receive a ticket confirmation. Of course, Azuki will provide holders of Azuki and BEANZ NFTs priority access. Additionally, holders do not need to pay a deposit. Furthermore, token holders must link their Web3 wallet holding the digital collectible to the tokenproof platform to unlock this privilege.

Azuki’s efforts to bring its devoted community to a physical event shows its commitment to pushing the boundaries between the digital and physical realms. This event promises to be unforgettable, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for this community!

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