Galactix Zone: Taking NFT Gaming To Newer Heights!

Innovative new sdNFT game Galactix Zone (GXZ) announce the launch of the GXZ Whitelist, now open for community members. From March 29th, 2023, to April 10th, 2023, blockchain enthusiasts can join the GXZ ecosystem, a blockchain game that leverages a patent-pending sdNFT platform. John Nguyen and Phea Ram, founders of GXZ reveal their plans for this futuristic web3 game!

Galactix Zone Token Whitelist Now Open For Community Members!

Galactix Zone is a new upcoming web3 game that promises unique NFT use cases.  The GXZ ecosystem is designed to provide a wide range of utilities for community members and NFT enthusiasts. The platform features a LaunchPad that enables new projects to launch their offerings. Furthermore, GXZ holders earn rewards through a rewards program. They also enjoy discounts on future sdNFT launches and ICO launchpad discounts.

The GXZ ecosystem also features a network of social media connections and influencer rewards. This is where members participate in social media-centric blockchain applications. Additionally, members have access to a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), where they can vote on suggestions for charitable donations from a global fund.

We’re thrilled to open the GXZ Whitelist to the community members and look forward to welcoming them into our ecosystem,” says Phea Ram, co-founder of GXZ. “Our range of utilities and future projects is designed to provide our members with the tools they need to succeed in the blockchain game and NFT spaces.

The GXZ Whitelist is a unique opportunity for blockchain enthusiasts to join a promising ecosystem that maximizes rewards, fosters community interaction, and drives innovation. With a patent-pending sdNFT platform and a range of utilities, GXZ provides a one-of-a-kind experience. One that is both entertaining and rewarding.

Galaxtix Zone: The Future GXZ Future Vision

The GXZ team commits itself to drive innovation in the blockchain and NFT spaces. Moreover, they are also currently developing several future projects. These projects include the Galactix Zone sdNFT game, ecosystem, and cross-chain platform, a social media-centric blockchain platform designed for social media applications. Furthermore, it also contains a verified, influencer-led Web 3.0 platform protected against bots.

The GXZ ecosystem is Certik Audited and KYC compliant. It provides members with peace of mind in trusting the platform with their participation. With a strong commitment to fostering a thriving community, GXZ aims to become a leading blockchain and NFT platform. The platform caters to the needs of community members and NFT enthusiasts alike. Whether you are a blockchain enthusiast, NFT collector, or just looking for a new adventure, the GXZ ecosystem has something for everyone. So, join the Whitelist today and be part of the future of blockchain gaming!