gmoney 9dcc Luxury Lifestyle Platform: What You Should Know

image of gmoney and launch of 9dcc

gmoney is again shifting the goalposts in the web3 world with the launch of 9dcc. The popular NFT creator, disruptor, and thought leader is launching a lifestyle and fashion platform. The new venture by gmoney is the first-ever crypto-native luxury house and lifestyle platform. 

image of gmoney and launch of 9dcc

9dcc is a new lifestyle and luxury fashion platform by gmoney.

9dcc by gmoney is the first-ever crypto-native lifestyle platform

gmoney is an integral member of the web3 community and works across various creative sectors using his global reputation. Importantly, along with others, he is creating new and innovative ways to use NFTs, the metaverse and more.

In the latest move, gmoney aims to bring together fashion and the metaverse, mixing age-old luxury and the technology of the digital revolution. As stated above, this is the first ever venture of its kind. If it is as successful as previous projects by gmoney, 9dcc could create a blueprint for fashion and lifestyle in web3.

What is 9dcc by gmoney?

The name 9dcc highlights how much web3 will play a role in the new lifestyle and fashion platform. 9dcc is a direct reference to the last four digits of the Ethereum wallet from which all the products of 9dcc will begin their journey.

The release of 9dcc is a fresh canvas for the luxury sector, offering a truly transparent and decentralized alternative. The platform wants to change the entire industry whilst recognizing and honouring its history.

Furthermore, with 9dcc, gmoney has a vision of evolution in fashion that includes designer ranges, one-of-a-kind experiences and much more.

9dcc logo by gmoney

9dcc will focus on luxury high-end fashion using web3 technology.

9dcc focuses on quality over quantity

gmoney and the 9dcc team are aware of the history of iconic fashion houses and their role in fashion and culture. Basically, they want to adopt a similar approach whilst using the technology available to create new ideas.

9dcc will not compromise on quality, focusing on high-end materials. and the best craftsmanship available. Using storytelling and also exclusive distribution, 9dcc is building a niche within the luxury market. 

Moreover, the new label will launch its first product in the next few weeks, ITERATION-01. This is a top-quality t-shirt exclusively for members of the exclusive Admit One community, created by gmoney.

gmoney bringing luxury fashion to metaverse with 9dcc

Through gmoney, 9dcc has the infrastructure to become a huge brand. Additionally, the platform is already working hard and collaborating with key players in the fashion and digital worlds.

Image of gmoney, the popular nft and web3 creator

gmoney is a popular and innovative creator in the web3 world.

This includes leading designers, fabric mills, elite manufacturers and technology thought leaders in the web3 space. Because of this, each piece on the 9dcc platform will have a fantastic design, select fabric and great utility.

What’s more, the expertise through these collaborations will offer unparalleled wisdom on the world of fashion culture, the demands of high-end luxury and the potential of web3.

web3 fashion is taking over!

Finally, over the last year, fashion has become a vast sector within web3. There are NFTs, wearables within the metaverse, utility clothing and lots more on offer. Now, 9dcc aspires to lead the future within the space and offer a new outlook on luxury fashion.

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