Goblintown NFT Drops McGoblin Burgers: All You Need to Know

McGoblin Burgers's grand opening store.

Good news! After 2 weeks of anticipation, McGoblin Burger is finally open for business. But hold up, each Goblin can only claim 1 burger. So don’t be greedy!

According to the team, ᵤ ₘᵤₛ cₗₐᵢₘ ₒₙ dₐ ₖₒₒₘₚᵤₜᵣ, because the ₚₕₒₙ ₑₛ ₜₒₒ ₜᵢₙᵢ. Ok, before we start speaking Goblin all over again, let’s take a look at all you need to know about McGoblin Burger according to Twitter user @0xQuit. May i TAK UR ORDRR?

McGoblin Burgers's grand opening store.

Let’s turn on the fryer! Credit: Goblintown NFT.

First off, what toppings would you like for your McGoblin Burger?

Thanks to Twitter user @0xQuit, we’re now all clear on how the McGoblin Burger meals work. Firstly, you will have to esemblSNAK (assemble snack) for your burger.

For this, make sure you own a Goblintown NFT before claiming. Each burger can have up to 6 toppings in total, such as fries, slop, and meat as shown in the contract below.

6 toppings to choose from for your McGoblin Burger.

6 toppings to choose from for your NFT Burger. Source: @0xQuit.

Next, as for the Goblin King, His Highness will get a free McGoblin Burger without having to mint it. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at the “esemblSNAKfordaking” function in the contract below.


“esemblSNAKfordaking” function. Source: @0xQuit.

What are “Oopsy” and “Utilipee” functions?

“Oopsy” and “Utilipee” are 2 other functions in the contract that can affect your McGoblin Burger’s metadata. As explained by @0xQuit, if your Goblin has an “Oopsy”, the metadata will reflect that and none of the ingredients will matter. However, it is still unclear what is the purpose of “Oopsy” for now.

If the Goblin NFT owner disabled the “Utilipee” function, then the McGoblin Burger’s metadata will simply consist of all toppings selected. But if you enabled the “Utilipee” and your Goblin doesn’t have “Oopsy”, the resulting burger will have its own unique metadata instead.

So that means toppings are not the only factor that affects the variety of your McGoblin Burgers. Hmm, can’t wait to see others revealing their unique burgers soon.

Oopsy and Utilipee function.

Oopsy and Utilipee function. Source: @0xQuit.

When can we eat these McGoblin Burgers?

But what good is it if you can’t eat a burger you just made? Interestingly, @0xQuit pointed out that it is possible to consume (or burn) your McGoblin Burgers. Enter the “NOMZ” function.

Basically, “NOMZ” will take place on a separate contract and probably will have some effects on Goblin NFTs who “ate” their burgers. This is quite similar to how Yuga Labs’ M1, M2, and Mega mutant serums work on the BAYC NFTs.

When is it going to happen though? As seen in the contract, the Goblins are going to “mek eet sumday” (make it someday). So just chill. Go grab that McGoblin Burger first.

NOMZ function.

NOMZ function. Source: @0xQuit.

What is the Goblintown NFT?

To those who have been in the NFT space, the Goblintown NFT collection needs no introduction. However, to those who don’t know, Goblintown is a collection of 10,000 NFTs featuring all sorts of unsightly creatures that you may think of.

The NFT collection shot into popularity at the end of May due to rumors of it being a secret project by Yuga Labs. What’s more, the project’s resemblance to bear market culture in NFT Twitter sparked further price speculation on its NFTs.

As of writing, Goblintown NFTs are trading at a floor price of 5.47 ETH (about $9,826) on OpenSea. This is a remarkable feat, considering that the NFTs were free to mint in the first place. To know more, just head over to Goblintown’s official website and join the gang on Twitter for the latest updates.

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