Goblintown Takes Over Twitch: Only Up Game Draws Massive Viewership

Goblintown NFTs were the surprise star of Twitch's newest viral hit

The Goblintown NFT project is a surprise star of the hottest game streaming on Twitch. So how (and why) are these weird-looking NFTs taking over the gaming world?


  • Only Up is one of this week’s most streamed games on the video-sharing platform Twitch
  • The game has art from Goblintown throughout its playable world
  • It’s unclear if there’s a connection between the game maker and the NFT project
Goblintown NFTs were the surprise star of Twitch's newest viral hit

NFT fans were psyched to see Goblintown characters featured heavily in Only Up
Image Credit: NFT Plazas

How and Why are there Goblintown NFTs on Twitch?

Goblintown artwork has become the unlikely star of ‘Only Up’, Only Up is a “Jack and the Beanstalk” style game in which the main character climbs his way up a series of platforms. It features a dream-like 3D world full of objects like Shiba Inu dogs, Avocados, and Oranges. Most interestingly for NFT fans, however, is the nearly omnipresent artwork from Goblintown.

To clarify, there are no ‘Goblintown’ characters. However, there are ‘Easter eggs’ throughout the game. For example, the game’s protagonist wears a jacket with a Goblin on the back. Additionally, many walls in the game have large murals depicting various characters from the NFT collection. As a result, Goblintown is receiving tons of free marketing.

On Wednesday, the game was streamed 109,000 times on Twitch. Most notably, streaming giants Agentoo and Mizkif both streamed the game to 20,000 viewers each. Moreover, Only Up is a viral hit, and as players continue to delve into it, many NFT holders hope some of the attention will bring in some much-needed liquidity to Web3.

Only Up features artwork from Goblintown

A bird? A plane? No – that’s a Goblin!
Image Credit: @RealJonahBlake

Who Made Only Up?

SCKR Games created Only Up. However, media sources reached out to the gaming studio to see if it had any connection to Truth Labs, the parent company of Goblintown, but have not received an answer yet. In all probability, SCKR probably used the NFT project’s artwork under its CCO license, a blanket agreement allowing anyone to use intellectual property without the need for permission or payment.

Since the game’s release, the official Goblintown Twitter account has posted many times about the situation. Most noticeably, the Goblins tweeted a thank you in their trademark Goblin language, writing, “Tenk u SCKR Games for putin goblins in ur game Only Up.”

Even if the two companies don’t have an official connection, the presence of Goblintown’s artwork in the Only Up has been a welcome source of engagement for the project.

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