IMVU Empowers Creators: Autonomously Design, Mint, Trade, and Earn from NFTs

NFT Fashion Frenzy: IMVU's Creators Minting Success

Together Labs has unveiled a groundbreaking addition to its digital fashion platform! Now, hundreds of thousands of IMVU creators can autonomously design, mint, trade, and earn from NFTs. Thus, establishing the most inclusive fully-fledged virtual economy. Notably, IMVU bucks industry trends with 67% of women creators and players, showcasing its commitment to gender diversity. Let’s dive in!


  • IMVU’s self-minting service empowers users to design, sell, and monetize NFTs in digital fashion independently.
  • The beta test saw over 100 creators generating various digital fashion NFTs, with the first-ever creator-minted NFT quickly selling out.
  • IMVU’s parent company, Together Labs, is on a mission to empower individuals globally through authentic human connection within the metaverse.
NFT Fashion Frenzy: IMVU's Creators Minting Success

NFT Fashion Frenzy: IMVU’s Creators Minting Success

IMVU’s Self-Minting Service Revolutionizes Digital Fashion

Powered by MetaJuice, Together Labs’ blockchain division, IMVU users gain complete control over creator-managed limited editions. This allows them to design, sell, and monetize NFTs independently. During the beta test, more than 100 creators participated, generating a variety of digital fashion NFTs. Some included animated avatar effects, custom nails, hairstyles, jackets, tops, shoes, dresses, and more. The first-ever IMVU creator-minted NFT, the limited edition white ‘Bunny Hat,’ priced at $1.20, sold out all 200 NFTs swiftly, with some already resold.

Furthermore, IMVU’s nearly million daily active users already have access to over 60 million creator-made digital fashion items in its marketplace. Additionally, they exchange more than 20 million digital items monthly, and see 10,000 new items created daily. Now, with the new self-minting service, IMVU creators can design their own digital fashion items. They can also set a marketplace price using VCOIN, and mint and list them as NFTs with full Immutable-backed blockchain functionality. They can do all this without needing to code themselves.

MetaJuice President John Burris sees this as a significant breakthrough. Significantly, empowering creators and users to engage in the metaverse economy through the purchase and resale of NFTs. Moreover, the digital fashion realm within IMVU holds immense potential for creators to gain self-worth and recognition. Just as in real-world spaces like New York, Milan, London, or Paris.

Empowering Connections in the Metaverse: Together Labs’ Mission

So, let’s take a closer look at Together Labs. The company behind IMVU is driven by a mission to empower individuals globally to connect, create, and prosper within the metaverse. With a core value of authentic human connection, the company offers a range of products. These include IMVU, the world’s largest web3 social metaverse. Additionally, Together Labs leads the way in blockchain technology through its MetaJuice division. The company’s VCOIN, one of the first non-security transferable digital currencies, and VCORE, an ERC-20 token facilitating creativity, play, and earning in the metaverse, further showcase its commitment to revolutionizing social media.

Moreover, prior to launching self-minting NFTs, Together Labs collaborated with Pussy Riot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova, Australian LGBTQ+-focused movement Not Your Bro, and LA fashion collective Freak City, releasing Limited Edition NFT drops based on their renowned stylings and designs. Now, this opportunity extends to all IMVU users, enabling them to contribute to the digital fashion and culture of the largest social web3 metaverse. The move further strengthens the real working, de-gentrified web3 economy, benefiting both creators and users alike.

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