Lazy Lions and OpenSea Team Up for Exclusive NFTs

In Sydney, Australia, along with OpenSea, Lazy Lions are excited to launch their groundbreaking Open Edition mint. The event starts on March 28th at 4 pm PT and lasts for 25 hours. Participants can accumulate “Dark Energy”. By doing so, they stand a chance to win one of only 80 rare Bitcoin Ordinals (mint price: 0.001 ETH plus gas).

Lazy Lions

Lazy Lions

The Groundbreaking Open Edition Mint and Glitch’s Quest

In this unique event, Lazy Lions and OpenSea introduce an innovative Open Edition mint featuring an on-chain burn mechanism that results in a deflationary supply of NFTs. As participants acquire these assets, their NFTs merge to create a larger mass of Dark Energy. This intriguing twist ties to the Lazy Lions’ narrative, in which Glitch, the villain, is on a mission to locate his lost generals. Despite his initial plan being thwarted, Glitch now intends to liberate the lions and enshrine them as his army’s leaders on the Bitcoin network.

Lazy Lions: Join Glitch’s Dark Energy Recruitment

Glitch seeks allies to help him amass Dark Energy, which will enable him to reunite with his generals. Participants can support Glitch’s cause by purchasing Open Edition NFTs, each of which is worth 100 Dark Energy points. As more NFTs accumulate in a participant’s wallet, they automatically combine, creating a more potent reserve of Dark Energy.

Ascend the Leaderboard and Secure a Bitcoin Ordinal NFT

The more Dark Energy a participant collects, the higher they climb on the leaderboard. As so, this will boost their chances of securing a mint spot for one of the limited 80 Bitcoin Ordinal NFTs. Some Dark Energy NFT holders will even receive an invitation to confront Glitch in an intense, high-stakes match. The top 40 Dark Energy collectors and 19 instant win positions will win mint spots.

Additionally, 20 collectors who rank outside the top 40 but possess at least one Dark Energy point will receive mint spots when the minting period concludes. The competition will extend for an additional 24 hours. Then a snapshot of the leaderboard will be captured, and winners will be declared. The quest for Glitch’s army commences on March 28th at 4 pm PT. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity, whether you’re an experienced NFT collector or a newcomer to the scene.

The Future of Lazy Lions in Entertainment and Digital Ownership

Lazy Lions, consisting of 10,000 distinct NFTs, as well as Lazy Bungalows and Lazy Cubs, aspires to dominate the entertainment and digital ownership landscape. They aim to do so through collaborative creation and groundbreaking innovations. Along with their rights-holding, they are developing a robust decentralized brand. Therefore, this brand will enable holders to fully harness their intellectual property across various platforms. These include games, television, film, and other forms of entertainment.

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