Legal Questions Arise as Melania Trump’s NFT Treads on NASA’s Image Use Policy

Recently, Melania Trump released an NFT collection called “Man on the Moon” to celebrate Apollo 11’s successful moon landing. However, she has been met with legal issues as the NFT breaks NASA’s image policy. Here’s everything you need to know.


  • Melania Trump’s latest NFT, “Man on the Moon,” featuring Buzz Aldrin during Apollo 11, faces controversy as it potentially breaks NASA’s image use policy.
  • NASA strictly prohibits using their images in NFT projects or any associated merchandising, raising legal concerns over Melania’s NFT venture.
  • With NASA’s images falling into the public domain, it remains uncertain how they will respond to the violation. The situation is fluid, and updates are awaited on NASA’s stance and the changing legal landscape surrounding NFTs.
still from Melania Trump nft

Melania Trump’s Apollo 11 NFT Defies NASA Rules

Melania Trump’s New NFT Breaks NASA’s Image Policy

In a recent NFT drop, Melania Trump revealed her latest creation titled “Man on the Moon.” The creation features the famous astronaut Buzz Aldrin during the historic Apollo 11 lunar landing. However, this NFT release has unexpectedly landed Melania in hot water with NASA due to a potential violation of the agency’s strict image use policy.

The crux of the issue lies in NASA’s firm stand against the use of their images in NFT projects and any associated merchandising. Therefore, their policy explicitly does not allow such usage, which raises concerns about the legality of Melania’s NFT venture.

While NASA’s images typically fall into the public domain, exempt from copyright protection and available for educational and informational purposes, this policy clash adds complexity to the situation. Thus, it remains uncertain how NASA will respond to this issue. Will they resort to legal measures or take a more lenient approach?

As of now, NASA has refrained from making an official comment on Melania’s “Man on the Moon” NFT and whether they plan to enforce their policy. The situation remains fluid, leaving many curious about the agency’s next steps.

The controversy surrounding Melania Trump’s NFT and NASA’s image use policy brings attention to the evolving legal landscape surrounding NFTs. It serves as a case study in navigating the intersection of intellectual property and the world of blockchain-based collectibles. As this story unfolds, we’ll be keeping a close eye on how NASA responds and whether it sets a precedent for similar situations in the future. So, stay tuned for updates on this clash between a former First Lady’s NFT creation and NASA’s image use guidelines.

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