Lenovo Challenges Meta with ThinkReality VRX’s Enterprise-Focused Metaverse

It is no secret that Meta and Apple have been building their own metaverses. However, it is less known that Lenovo has been quietly building its own metaverse empire for the enterprise and industry. Here’s everything you need to know.


  • Lenovo’s ThinkReality VRX is quietly shaping the metaverse for enterprises, focusing on practical applications like workplace changes and employee training.
  • Priced at $1299, the VRX offers a sleek, professional design and quality performance with 3DoF, and 6DoF tracking, and full-color passthrough.
  • Lenovo’s metaverse hopes to extend to quality AR glasses called the Glasses T1, emphasizing user privacy, security, and support, making it a potential success in the metaverse industry.
Still from Lenovo metaverse

A Metaverse Empire is Coming by Lenovo

Lenovo is Secretly Building a Metaverse Empire

While Meta and Apple were busy with their own virtual reality ventures, Lenovo was quietly working on its ThinkReality VRX, aimed at changing the enterprise and industry VR industry. Unlike Meta’s gaming-orientated approach, Lenovo sees the metaverse as a practical tool to reshape workplaces, improve employee training, and create fun 3D work environments. What’s more, businesses are often more open to new changes, meaning that Lenovo’s vision has high potential.

Starting at $1299, the ThinkReality VRX is a productivity-oriented headset, seamlessly integrating into Lenovo’s ThinkPad network. Sporting a sleek all-black design, it exudes a serious and professional vibe. In addition, this device packs some serious punch. With 3DoF and 6DoF tracking, full-color passthrough, and 6 front-facing cameras for precise positioning, the VRX delivers top-notch performance.

Comfort matters and the VRX doesn’t disappoint. Weighing just 1.76 lbs, it sits nicely on your face, secured by a knob at the back. The 2280×2280 pixel display with a 90Hz refresh rate covers your eyes with crisp visuals. While it lacks eye-tracking, the VRX supports cloud-based rendering solutions like NVIDIA CloudXR. Under the hood, you get 12GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, Android 12, and the powerful Snapdragon® XR2+ Gen 1.

Lenovo is also developing quality AR glasses called the Glasses T1. Lenovo’s approach to the metaverse is thoughtful, with a laser focus on specific usage, like the enterprise, focusing on user privacy, security, and support.

The awards are already pouring in for the ThinkReality VRX, winning both the iF Design Award and the Red Dot Award: Product Design in 2023. Therefore, it’s a huge step in Lenovo’s silent revolution, shaping the metaverse’s future for enterprises and industries. Stay tuned; Lenovo’s metaverse journey is bound to be exciting!

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