Lego and Epic Games Revive the Metaverse Conversation at Cannes Lions Festival

The creators of Fortnite, Epic Games, and Lego team up once again to present a vision for a fun metaverse. Here’s everything you need to know.


  • Lego and Epic Games collaborate to reignite the metaverse conversation at Cannes Lions Festival. Together, they discussed a shared vision for an engaging experience.
  • They aim to merge the digital and real world, offering new ways for Lego fans to build and create.
  • The partnership highlights an appeal to younger audiences and their commitment to user safety. Together, they’ll work towards creating metaverse standards for accessibility, fairness, and creativity.
Still form Lego Metaverse

Epic Games and Lego Team Up For Metaverse Vision

Epic Games and Lego Further Join Forces

Lego and Epic Games joined forces at the Cannes Lions Festival to discuss their shared vision for the metaverse and propose standards for an engaging experience. The metaverse conversation has been quiet this year, but Lego and Epic Games aim to reignite the excitement.

Additionally, Lego’s chief marketing officer, Julia Goldin, and Epic Games’ president, Adam Sussman, highlighted the possibilities of the metaverse and teased play experiences that merge the digital and real world. While specific products were not revealed, Lego fans can look forwards to new and exciting ways to build and create.

The partnership between Lego and Epic Games is significant due to their appeal to younger audiences and their successful digital experiences. With over 70 million Fortnite players and Lego’s impressive sales growth, their collaboration has gained attention. Significantly, to ensure user safety, both brands plan to collaborate with others in the industry to create safety standards for the metaverse. They aim for accessibility across various devices, interoperability, fairness, transparency, and a focus on community creativity.

Lego has already been using Epic’s Unreal Engine to design packaging, marketing materials, and content series. By using Unreal Engine tools, Lego can create a digital twin of their building pieces. Thus, letting designers and communities create amazing digital experiences. Finally, Lego and Epic Games are bringing the metaverse conversation back to life, talking about their shared vision, and working towards standards that will shape a vibrant and safe metaverse experience.

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