Metaverse Masterminds Karta Launches Bespoke Fortnite Studio for In-Game Adventures

karta team members at the office of Epic Games, creators of Fortnite

Karta, a groundbreaking metaverse studio recognized for its innovation in in-game experiential marketing, has introduced its dedicated Fortnite studio. With this, it aims to collaborate with music, entertainment, and sports IP holders to create novel in-game experiences within the Fortnite platform. This move not only marks a strategic step for Karta but also opens up new revenue avenues for rights holders. Let’s take a closer look!


  • Karta, a trailblazing metaverse studio, unveils its dedicated Fortnite studio. Partnering with IP holders in music, entertainment, and sports to forge innovative in-game experiences and new revenue streams.
  • Leven2k, a prominent Fortnite personality, joins as Creative Lead. This shapes the studio’s creative direction and marketing, enhancing engagement with the platform’s audience.
  • The debut map, “Pooh vs Death,” showcasing a unique showdown between Winnie the Pooh and the Grim Reaper, marks Karta’s entry into the dynamic world of Fortnite. This is driven by Epic Games’ “Unreal Editor” tools and their dedication to fostering a vibrant creator economy.

karta team members at the office of Epic Games, creators and studio of Fortnite

Karta Leverages Fortnite Studios For Real World Prosperity

Guiding this venture is Leven2k, a prominent figure in the Fortnite and gaming community. As a renowned Fortnite content creator, analyst, and broadcaster, Leven2k oversees the creative direction and marketing strategies. This further ensures alignment with the platform’s audience.

Celebrating its debut, the studio has crafted a unique Fortnite map set for release later this month. “Pooh vs Death” is an inventive take on the ‘boss fight’ genre, allowing players to engage in a showdown between Winnie the Pooh and the Grim Reaper. Furthermore, leveraging the free-to-use IP of Winnie the Pooh, Karta aspires to captivate Fortnite players with an original and engaging map.

This foray into Fortnite is also spurred by Epic Games’ unveiling of the “Unreal Editor for Fortnite”. This empowers creators to develop more ambitious and varied in-game experiences. Additionally, with 40% of revenue directly benefiting creators on the platform, novel opportunities emerge for IP owners. Moreover, this aligns with Epic Games’ vision of fostering a thriving creator economy.

More About Karta

Erik Londré, CEO of Karta, expressed enthusiasm about this new chapter, emphasizing their goal to infuse freshness and uniqueness into the players’ experience. Leven2k, as the Creative Lead, also echoed this sentiment, envisioning the creation of something truly special through their collaborative efforts.

Karta’s expansion into the Fortnite domain represents a notable evolution for the pioneering startup. This originated in 2021 with the aim to make the metaverse accessible for brands and rights holders. The Fortnite studio launch, along with Leven2k’s appointment, reflects Karta’s commitment to cater to the rising demand for immersive metaverse experiences.

Beyond “Pooh vs Death,” Karta’s Fortnite studio hints at upcoming brand partnerships and licenses. With a forthcoming map set to feature a prominent figure from the world of motorsports, Karta’s innovative journey within Fortnite shows no sign of slowing down.

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