Moonbirds NFT Oddities: What You Need To Know

Moonbirds recently announced on a Twitter Spaces, and then in a subsequent Tweet, that @oddities_xyz on Twitter belongs to them, and that there will be announcements soon. However, there’s not too much information out about the Oddities just yet.


Moonbirds Oddities remains a mystery, with no one really knowing the details.

What we know about Oddities

The truth is that we don’t know much yet. However, since the launch of the Moonbirds Oddities Twitter page, which joined the platform just 4 days ago, it has gained 18.5k followers.

Their first Tweets were “10,000 fanciful treats make for unsavory pellet pals…” and “in the nest, the oddities will appear”.

This, according to some people, may be an airdrop to current Moonbirds holders, based on the “10,000 treats”. There are 10,000 items in the primary collection, so this may be the case.

Moonbirds later held a Twitter Spaces for around an hour, titled ‘Moonbirds x PROOF Friday Update’ yesterday. You can see the link to the full recording here, where the collection confirmed that the Oddities account was theirs.

The Oddities collection only follows 5 accounts, all of which are people involved with the PROOF collective and the original Moonbirds collection.

The Original Moonbirds Collection

Moonbirds is a 10,000 item NFT collection created by PROOF. They only recently came into the space, joining Twitter in March of this year. Then they launched their primary collection in April, which was a clear hit to start. Early holders of the collection included Beeple and Jimmy Fallon.

The founder of Proof, Moonbird’s parent organisation, is venture capitalist Kevin Rose. He has been a big supporter of the progressing web3 space, similar to how he was in the early stages of web2.

At the time of writing, the floor price on OpenSea sits at 26.5 ETH, and there has been 141.8k volume traded. Historically, the project has seen a low of 18.45 ETH and an all-time high of 38.5 ETH.

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