NBA Registers 2 More ENS Names And An NFT Trademark


The NBA has officially filed for a non-fungible token (NFT) trademark. Further, they have just registered 2 ENS domain names. The first being nba.eth and the second theassociationnft.eth.

In light of the recent news, the National Basketball Association has also launched its official discord channel. Web3-native fans now have access to this NBA discord community hub and the sentiment is very positive.


The NBA files for NFT trademarks. Credit: Twitter

Players in the league have started to endorse and accept crypto sponsorships on a wide scale. With that being said, the NBA is expected to launch an NFT or some kind of crypto-related asset sooner than later.

NBA Transitions into the NFT Space

The National Basketball Association is just starting its playoffs and is looking to make a splash off the court as well. With the league growing its following tremendously over the past few years, it now looks to innovate further. It will have a new Twitter account that is the “official Web3 home for the NBA.”

Based on the dossier, the league has prepared a submission for “The Association.” This would include a wide range of virtual and physical goods. Goods included could be anything from game tickets, to trading cards to online game programs. With all the potential utility being teased, NBA fans are super excited.

The NBA is looking to launch its own proprietary NFT collection and fully expand into the metaverse,  growing its fanbase and tapping into its current one even deeper. Different sporting leagues across the world have integrated NFTs into their platforms, one of the most recent being Sorare and La Liga; the 1st division of Spanish club soccer.

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