NFT Brands are Embracing Comic Con in 2023!

NFT brands Cool Cats, Pudgy Penguins & ON1 Force are coming to Comic Con 2023! In the midst of turmoil and a huge downturn in NFT sales and trading, there is hope and a silver lining. One of the glimmers of hope is the 2023 San Diego Comic Con lineup that includes prominent NFT brands! This not only means more exposure to the NFT ecosystem, it also represents a step forward in mass education, acceptance, and eventually, adoption.

Cool Cats, Pudgy Penguins & ON1 Force represent the NFT industry in their own stellar ways. Their Comic Con entries send ripples across cyberspace to change narratives around digital tokens.


  • Cool Cats: Announcing gaming partnerships to create new games featuring Cool Cats characters, aiming to expand the brand and engage a wider audience.
  • 0N1 Force: Making waves at Comic Con with a preview of their new comic book series, aiming to create a universe rivaling Star Wars through community-driven storytelling.
  • Pudgy Penguins: Participating in Comic Con to showcase NFT IP and blockchain technology, championing NFT projects and blockchain at the event.
posters of NFT brands at San Diego Comic Con 2023: Pudgy Penguins, 0N1 Force, and Cool Cats

(L to R) Pudgy Penguins, 0N1 Force, Cool Cats NFT Projects: Official Comic Con 2023 Posters

NFTs At Comic Con 2023: A Step Forward for Digital Assets

Cool Cats: Announce 3 Gaming Partnerships Ahead Of Comic Con Debut

Cool Cats Group, the firm behind NFT collection Cool Cats, is partnering with gaming publishers nWay, iCandy, and Sync Studios to create three new games featuring Cool Cats characters. The games are set to launch between late 2023 and early 2024. The collaboration with nWay will result in a competitive multiplayer arcade game. Meanwhile iCandy will develop an in-browser, endless runner game. Sync Studios will create a match3 game for mobile platforms. These partnerships aim to expand the Cool Cats brand and engage a wider global audience.

a cool cats nft holding a chug character with the words' comic con' in the image

In addition to gaming, Cool Cats Group has plans for other partnerships and activations. This includes participating in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and having a booth at Comic Con. More details about the games, including names, promotional clips, and launch dates, will be revealed soon. Moreover, Cool Cats owners may also create their own Comic Con Meme Templates. The project just released a fresh meme template maker on the Cool Cats website. Design your own Cool Cats Comic-Con logo using the template!

0N1 Force: Championing Comic Book Legacy

0N1 Force is making waves at this year’s Comic Con. Building on their premiere at Comic Con in 2021, they are now offering a glimpse into their new comic book series, which will soon be available in retail comic and bookstores worldwide. With a focus on crypto-native IP brands, 0N1 Force aims to create a universe that could rival the success of Star Wars. By involving the community in storytelling, they encourage feedback and collaboration, pushing the boundaries of their IP.

image of the 0n1force nft comic con comics

To reach a wider audience, they have chosen comic books as their medium of choice. Leading the charge is renowned writer Paul Jenkins, known for his work on Wolverine, Avengers, and God of War. With his expertise, 0N1 Force is bringing their stories to life. 0N1 HUNTER X, their community-developed IP, is set to achieve global distribution and will also be previewed at Comic Con. They have also enlisted the support of IP3Official, who own the film rights to Batman. Moreover, talented artists like Hicham Habchi and Ramon Nunez, who have worked on major franchises, are also joining forces with 0N1.

Pudgy Penguins: Comic Con Debut

Early last week, the Pudgy Penguins NFT project also announced their entry into Comic Con.

A pudgy penguin nft wearing a comic con shirt

On July 3rd, the official Twitter for the Pudgy Penguins tweeted: “We are happy to announce that Pudgy Penguins will have a booth at San Diego Comic Con 2023! Comic Con is the largest pop culture event in the USA, attracting over 100K people from all around the world. We are ecstatic to champion NFT IP and blockchain technology at SDCC2023.”

Exciting announcements await during Comic Con, showcasing the growth and global expansion plans for all three NFT projects!

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