Non-fungible Olive Gardens NFT delisted on OpenSea!

An image of one of the Non-fungible Olive Gardens NFT showing an olive garden store front

The Non-fungible Olive Gardens NFT collection is no longer available on OpenSea. The news follows legal complaints by the real-life Olive Garden company, Darden. In fact, Non-fungible Olive Gardens received a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) warning from the company.

An image of one of the Non-fungible Olive Gardens NFT showing an olive garden store front

Non-fungible Olive Gardens NFT project is under threat after an official complaint by Olive Garden.

Non-fungible Olive Gardens is a reasonably new NFT project. It offers people the chance to own an NFT of an Olive Gardens location. There are 875 North American stores. Non-Fungible Olive Gardens also holds Non-Fungible Breadsticks, which, not surprisingly, is no longer on OpenSea.

Non-fungible Olive Gardens will continue to operate. However, it is unclear on which platform they will trade. Instead of being concerned by the takedown letter, Non-Fungible Olive Gardens chose to respond to Olive Garden with a note of admiration.

The letter even starts with, “First of all, we love you”. It could be an excellent opportunity for the official Olive Garden to enter the NFT space. Perhaps the two could team up and develop an official collection, respectful of the official company.

Finally, the NFT space is growing rapidly. Furthermore, many big food companies are releasing official NFT collections. What better time than now for the famous Italian restaurant chain, Olive Garden? Non-fungible Olive Gardens has a great community, and the owners of the NFTs refer to themselves as regional managers.

Perhaps Olive Garden will regret the decision in a few years.



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