Artist John Gerrard Returns to Art Blocks x Pace Verso with World Flag NFT Project

New work by artist John Gerrard is coming! Pace Verso, a hub for Web3 artworks at Pace Gallery, and generative art platform Art Blocks, will launch the 28th of June a new generative artwork series by John Gerrard, “World Flag”.


  • Pace Verso and Art Blocks have announced a new collaboration. They introduced a generative artwork series by John Gerrard, titled World Flag.
  • This initiative is part of their ongoing partnership, which includes the release of generative art projects, exhibitions, and community programming.
  • John Gerrard, known for his work in creating virtual, generative worlds, has spent two decades developing technology that supports these realms.
A screenshot of a "World Flag NFT", by John Gerrard.

“World Flag NFT”, by John Gerrard.

What are World Flag NFTs?

Each of the 195 World Flag NFTs will depict a different UN member’s flag. In the background, we can find one of four envisioned future desert landscapes. This indeed serves as a stark symbol of the looming threats of the climate crisis. Interestingly, these landscapes will be generated in a random yet unique manner, utilizing code-based frequencies, shapes, colors, and skies.

Concurrently with the series, John Gerrard has meticulously crafted a single AP World Flag NFT. He will offer this for institutional acquisition in exchange for a donation.

Additionally, Gerrard has also pledged to donate 10 percent of the artist’s proceeds from the Art Blocks sales to Hometree. This nonprofit organization addresses Ireland’s declining biodiversity and the global climate crisis.

Who is John Gerrard?

The launch of World Flag on Artblocks will coincide with John Gerrard’s presentation of his new digital simulation. He will reveal Surrender (Flag) 2023, at the group exhibition Dear Earth: Art and Hope in a Time of Crisis at the Hayward Gallery in London.

This project is part of their ongoing partnership, which involves the release of generative art projects, exhibitions, and also community programming. 

For those unfamiliar with his work, John Gerrard’s artworks present a strong political resonance. Therefore, they frequently address contemporary issues such as energy production, consumption, and environmental exploitation. In 2021, Gerrard integrated Pace’s program by launching an NFT titled “Western Flag (NFT)”. This artwork was born from his 2017 simulation, Western Flag (Spindletop, Texas). In addition, this piece recently became the first NFT to be acquired by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

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