Pixel Vault Partners With Rarible To Launch Custom Marketplace

Screenshot of the Rarible Pixel Vault NFT marketplace

In exciting news, Pixel Vault – the popular web 3 Superhero NFT project – is teaming up with Rarible to create a custom NFT marketplace. Specifically, this custom marketplace is a fully decentralized brand new home for the Pixel community. The marketplace will be using the smart technology of Rarible Protocol – a leading open-source multi-chain NFT protocol.

Screenshot of the Rarible Pixel Vault NFT marketplace

Pixel Vault now has its own custom NFT marketplace using Rarible Protocol!

Pixel Vault and Rarible team up

This newest partnership is the latest in a long line of creative moves by the Pixel Vault team. Responsible for the PUNKS Comic and MetaHero collections, Pixel Vault is certainly playing a key role in the Web3 world and the growth of NFT comics.

The project continues to expand, and there is an ever-growing community supporting the project. Furthermore, this year, Pixel Vault announced a $100 million funding round, which proves investors’ belief in the project. The company is aiming to build a web3 comic universe, similar to Marvel and DC Comics.

To announce the partnership, the two companies teamed up for a unique Twitter Spaces, discussing how they will work together in the future.

How does the new custom Rarible marketplace work?

Powered by the Rarible Protocol, the custom home for the Pixel Vault ecosystem will provide a unique chance for growth. Lower fees, a community focus, and freedom to build are just some of the new partnership’s benefits.

Rarible is also creating a huge ecosystem of NFT marketplaces customized to each project’s individual needs. So far, they have worked with MFers, Degenerate Ape Academy, Rektguy, and more. 

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