Political NFTs Sneak into American Homes: Has Trumps 2024 Campaign Already Begun?

Political NFTs are on the rise as Donald and Melania Trump’s NFT collections have already passed $30 million in trading volume. Not only that, but also other political figures are exploring Web3. Here’s everything you need to know.


  • Political NFTs, led by Trump’s collections, have passed $30 million in trading volume, showing their rising popularity in US politics. Other political figures like Miami Mayor Francis Suarez and Democrat Robert Kennedy Jr. are also embracing Web3 and crypto in their campaigns.
  • Trump’s NFT sales seem to correlate with his political prospects, reflecting the allegiance of his supporters. NFTs offer physical rewards and expand their utility beyond art and entertainment, showing their potential in revolutionizing political campaigns.
  • The integration of NFTs into politics presents exciting possibilities for fundraising, community engagement, and expressing political allegiance. Trump’s approach could serve as a model for other political figures, shaping the future of politics and blockchain technology.
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Is Donald Trump Using Political NFTs For His Campaign?

The Rise of Political NFTs in the US

With the 2024 US elections approaching, NFTs have emerged as a popular tool among presidential candidates, with former President Donald Trump leading the way. In December 2022, just a month after stating his intention to run for office again, Trump revealed the Trump Digital Trading Cards project. This collection of 45,000 items sold out within 12 hours, generating an impressive $4.45 million in initial sales.

The success continued in the secondary market, with sales reaching nearly $12 million in the project’s first week. However, a second collection of NFTs launched by Trump in April 2023 didn’t follow the financial success of the first. It earned approximately $1.5 million from secondary sales in the first week. Interestingly, the launch of The 1776 Collection by Melania Trump significantly boosted sales of her husband’s main collection, causing a 300% surge on its release day.

The Trump family’s involvement in NFTs has resulted in a total sales volume of over $30 million so far. This is despite market volatility and mixed feelings from the NFT community at present.

Other political figures, like Miami Mayor Francis Suarez and Democrat Robert Kennedy Jr., are also using Web3 and crypto in their campaigns. By openly supporting the technology, they are broadening the discourse on crypto and Web3. Thus, the industry is reaching American households, regardless of their interest in crypto.

Trump NFTs and Their Impact on the Presidential Odds

Interestingly, the sales of Trump’s NFTs seem to correlate with political news. When Trump’s chances of returning to the presidency appear to fall, his NFT sales decline as well.

While buyers of these NFTs receive tangible rewards such as Zoom calls and 1-on-1 dinners with Trump, the true value lies in the statement of allegiance to a political figure and cause. Trump’s collections expand the utility of NFTs. This is because it shows their potential in revolutionizing not only art and entertainment but also political campaigns.

Another example of NFTs going political is the Ukrainian government’s NFT sales in March 2022. The collection raised over $600,000 in support of the country during the war against Russia, utilizing collectibles for charitable purposes.

Despite Trump’s absence from major social media platforms like Twitter, his NFT collections thrive through the CollectTrump Twitter page. With approximately 10,000 followers, the page has experienced an 80% growth in the past 30 days.

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Collect Trump Cards – Series 2

The Trump NFT collections boast a wide distribution of ownership. Only a small concentration of whales own a significant number of tokens. This suggests a diverse and genuine base of supporters rather than a select group of wealthy individuals or organizations.

While the Trump family may not reap the full monetary profits from the $30 million trading volume, their foray into the NFT arena has brought them publicity and community engagement. By associating themselves with NFTs and harnessing their power, they have fostered a sense of unity among their supporters.

Trump’s approach to community building through NFTs could serve as a model for other political figures looking to leverage Web3 technologies in their campaigns.

The Future of Politics and Blockchain Technology

The integration of NFTs into political landscapes presents exciting possibilities for the future of politics and blockchain technology. Trump’s Political NFTs, backed by a solid supporter base, offer an innovative approach to fundraising, community engagement, and expressing political allegiance. As NFTs continue to generate public discussion and interact with trending political news, their impact on American households becomes more apparent.

The rise of Political NFTs opens up transformative opportunities for politics and blockchain technology. The infusion of NFTs into political campaigns creates new avenues for fundraising and community building. Therefore, reshaping traditional campaign strategies in the process.

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