The Future of Football: Credit Suisse Empowers Women’s Football Through Digital Art

From the Pitch to the Blockchain: Credit Suisse's Game-Changing NFT Collection

Credit Suisse is launching NFTs! Significantly, the Swiss banking giant is making a splash in the digital arena alongside the Swiss Football Association (SFA). Together, they are teaming up to boost women’s football with an exciting NFT collection set to launch on July 11th. Let’s take a closer look!


  • Credit Suisse is creating 756 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, featuring talented women football players from SFA.
  • The NFTs come with exclusive rewards, including physical artwork, interactions with players, and signed jerseys.
  • All the proceeds from the NFT sales will be dedicated to supporting women’s football, fostering a culture of respectful competition, and promoting female voices.

    From the Pitch to the Blockchain: Credit Suisse's Game-Changing NFT Collection

    From the Pitch to the Blockchain: Game-Changing NFT Collection.

Empowering Women’s Football: Credit Suisse’s NFT Collection Takes the Field!

Credit Suisse’s Women Football NFTs will empower the world of women’s football on the blockchain. Markedly, the digital masterpieces will be available on their digital platform, CSX, with prices ranging from $167 to $11,000. Additionally, each tier offers unique perks, such as physical artwork, player interactions, and autographed jerseys.

Moreover, by supporting this innovative initiative, you’re helping women’s football grow and thrive. The funds raised through the Credit Suisse NFTs will directly contribute to the development of the football team, and other organizations focused on nurturing female talent will also benefit.

Furthermore, the intersection of sports and NFTs opens up many exciting possibilities for the future. Notably, football teams like Arsenal FC, Brazil FC, and Manchester FC have already embraced NFTs for ticketing and fan engagement. Now, the spotlight shines brightly on women’s football, with FC Barcelona celebrating star player Alexia Putellas through empowering NFTs in the World of Women collection.

Finally, with Credit Suisse leading the charge, the world of NFTs and sports is coming together to create a unified and inclusive digital future.

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