Satvik Sethi Leaves Mastercard NFT Due to “Harassment” and “Distress”

Less than 24 hours ago, the former NFT Product Lead at Mastercard Satvik Sethi announced his resignation – for controversial reasons. In a lengthy Twitter thread, the Web3 expert claimed he had been ‘harassed’, “underpaid”, and “disrespected” by the giant corporation. From losing his VISA, to struggling to make ends meet, and a new open-edition NFT drop, here’s his story – and the community’s reaction:

image of Satvik Sethi, the former NFT Lead at Mastercard, wearing a white T-shirt

Mastercard’s former NFT Lead, Satvik Sethi, left the company making serious accusations and a new NFT drop of his resignation letter. Credit: Instagram

Why Did Satvik Sethi Resign from Mastercard?

“I was a victim of harassment & emotional distress caused by a series of mismanaged processes, miscommunication, internal inefficiency. There were months at a time when I wouldn’t receive my salary until I begged across the (Mastercard) hierarchy for it, among many other issues,” Satvik Sethi wrote in a tweet.

This is just one of the many examples that shocked the Web3 community. Sethi went on to explain that Mastercard warned him with a 3-month notice period so that he wouldn’t resign – which didn’t happen.

All in all, the former NFT Lead said he had ended up with a 40% salary cut and 200% increased workload. At the moment of writing, Satvik Sethi claims he is losing his London visa and must return to his home country in India.

The former Mastercard employee didn’t offer any evidence on his claims. Allegedly, the company had blocked his accounts after he threatened to expose their practices.

On February 2nd, Satvik Sethi launched an NFT titled “NEW BEGINNINGS.” Surprisingly, the digital asset was, in fact, a letter explaining his resignation from Mastercard where he was the NFT Product Lead.

screenshot of a Mastercard-related message by Satvik Sethi

Satvik Sethi was allegedly blocked by Mastercard before accessing evidence of his claims. Credit: Twitter

What does Satvik Sathi’s NFT Resignation Look Like?

Satvik Sethi began the letter on a positive note as he thanked the Mastercard team for their support. Soon enough, though, things took a turn when Sethi revealed that it’s been “a real struggle” to stay afloat financially since moving from New York to London due to visa-related issues.

Accordingly, the single-income immigrant had been trying to discuss his salary with his employers several times without success. Nevertheless, he ended the letter by being grateful and ready for new ventures.

Here’s the digital letter:

screenshot of Satvik Sethi's resignation letter NFT

Satvik Sethi is asking the NFT community to support his future endeavors by minting his digital resignation letter NFT.

What is Satvik Sethi Planning after Leaving Mastercard?

For now, Satvik Sethi is asking for the community’s support to mint his open-edition NFT resignation letter for 0.023 ETH per piece. All of the proceeds will “go to survival,” he said. Further, Sethi promises to reward minters with future airdrops.

Meanwhile, the Web3 expert is planning to focus on his art and Web3 social networking platform joincircle. Right now, the site boasts +90k logins, more than 35 partner communities, and upcoming NFT collections.


How Did the NFT Community React?

Satvik Sethi’s Twitter thread received plenty of feedback from the Web3 community. While many users showed their support, others seemed suspicious too.

“This sounds weird from a Fortune 500 company,” user @soltsla.eth replied. “Then your desperate attempt to force a mint onto the thread midway put me off reading completely. Good luck with your adventures but I would probably do the same to you if I was Mastercard, clearly another side to the story here.”

At the time of writing, Satvik Sethi and Mastercard have yet to clarify the matter.

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