PROOF of Conference: Everything You Need To Know

Top Blue-Chip NFT brand PROOF announces “Proof Of Conference” – a multi-day celebration event for all things web3. The event fuses art, culture, community, and technology. The event takes place from May 11th to 13th, at Skylight Row, Downtown Los Angeles. The first night of the event also opens up with a concert, with a surprise artist! Read on to learn more about the event.

Proof Of Conference: What is it?

In essence, the Proof Of Conference event celebrates art, culture, and technology across a three-day festival. It is the central destination to explore the PROOF ecosystem in real life. The experience brings together the PROOF collective’s art, members, and community to life at the event. Crypto natives, enthusiasts, artists, media, collectors, and the PROOF community are all headed to this exciting festival!

The event will feature artists, speakers, and innovators such as Beeple, Alexis Ohanian, Snowfro, Gary Vaynerchuk, gmoney, All Seeing Seneca, Greg Solano & Wylie Aronow, Yuga Labs, Larva Labs, and more. PROOF founders Kevin Rose & Justin Mezell will also speak at the event.

PROOF builds community-centric products that celebrate art, connect collectors, and activate creative entrepreneurship. Founder Kevin Rose exploded on to the NFT industry with the NFT brand in early 2021. Across the PROOF ecosystem, there are two major driving forces in terms of NFT projects – PROOF Collective, and Moonbirds. Proof Of Conference will be PROOF’s biggest community event to date. It offers the public “a unique space to experience the power of online communities IRL.” The 3-day event sees NFT thought leaders, artists, and their communities discuss, build, and celebrate the future of creativity.

More About the Conference

The conference also features “Moonbird Alley” at Narrows Street. This lane tells the story of the famed PFP project along with Mythics and Oddities. According to PROOF, there are playful elements infused with different stories to reflect PROOF. At different points in the venue, there will be exclusive geodesic domes for fellow Moonbirds. These domes act as incubators to form a utopian collective. There will be 7 different domes, namely: – Dead Bird Society, Los Latin Birds, Lady Birds, Nude Birds, Robirds, Asia Birds, and Healthy Birds.

Furthermore, Dock Street will host artists and creators with a series of installations and interactivity. A series of tents will host the artworks of various artists within the collective, and also act as home to a collective of nomadic digital disciples.

The event is open to any and all PROOF Collective Members, Moonbirds holders, and Oddities holders. A tiered access sale starts at the official PoC website. A total of 4000 tickets are available, in the case of sold-out tickets on the website, secondary market sales are available starting March 1st, 2023. Tickets for the event can be reserved for the following tiers:

  • January 30th: Proof Collective
  • January 31st: Moonbirds
  • February 1st: Oddities
  • February 2nd: General public

Each day collectors can only purchase tickets linked to the NFT allowing them to buy on that day. For example – if you hold a PROOF Collective pass and a Moonbird, you’ll only be able to claim tickets related to your PROOF Collective pass on January 30th. Moreover, your Moonbirds discounted tickets will have to wait until January 31st. The actual NFT tickets will be airdropped on March 1st.

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