Snoop Dogg NFTs: Everything You Need To Know About The Doggies

In exciting news for both Snoop Dogg and The Sandbox fans, Snoop Dogg avatar NFTs have landed in The Sandbox! The metaverse game launched the rapper’s first-ever 10K collection at 10 pm UTC on February 22. Called the Doggies, 10,000 Snoop Dogg avatars are up for grabs. These are voxelated NFTs algorithmically generated from over 150 traits. Here’s your chance to enter the metaverse with the coolest avatars around!

Snoop Dogg avatar NFT in The Sandbox

Snoop Dogg’s first-ever 10K NFT collection has dropped on The Sandbox metaverse. Credits: The Sandbox

In terms of utility, you will be able to use the avatars as playable characters in the upcoming The Sandbox Alpha Season 2. In other words, you can use these avatars to attend concerts, play games, meet friends, and much more. These exclusive Snoop Dogg NFTs cost 150 SAND per NFT.

“The Doggies Avatar collection is one of the coolest collections to come to The Sandbox to date,” The Sandbox wrote in a blog. “Don’t let this opportunity to own a piece of Snoop’s digital DNA in the Metaverse pass you by!

Snoop Dogg NFTs: Types and rarities of the Doggies

As with all NFT collections, The Doggies come in different types with varying rarities. The smaller the percentage of a trait, the rarer the NFT. At the onset, there are seven different types of Snoop Dogg NFTs. These are Human, Blue, Alien, Zombie, Dogg, Robot, and Golden. While Human is the most common type, Golden is the rarest. In detail, their rarity is as follows:

  • Human – Around 63%
  • Blue – Around 11%
  • Alien – Around 10%
  • Zombie – Around 7%
  • Dogg – Around 5%
  • Robot – Around 3%
  • Golden – Around 1%

In addition to the above, there are over 10 unique and handcrafted avatars meant for the few lucky collectors. Firstly, there are the Dope Doggies, which are some uber-cool avatars The Sandbox and Snoop Dogg himself custom-designed! Next on the list is Classic Doggies. These avatars take inspiration from some of Snoop’s iconic tracks throughout the years. Signature Doggies, meanwhile, are collaborative pieces from The Sandbox and some of the top creators in the metaverse.

Besides, apart from the minted Doggies, some avatar NFTs will feature in a Snoop Dogg music video, filmed completely inside The Sandbox. “This will be a unique opportunity to make music video history in the Metaverse — stay tuned for more details!” The Sandbox further wrote.

A few lucky fans were able to join the drop’s whitelist and mint the NFTs 24 hours before the public mint. But, only those who held a select Snoop NFTs were given whitelist access. These NFTs included Snoopverse Early Access Pass, Snoop Party Pass, JADU Jetpack and JADU Hoverboard, FLUF Snoop Dogg Burrow Holders, and Rumble Kong League holders. Additionally, 200 SupDucks wallets were selected from their Discord and added to the whitelist.

You can mint the Doggie NFTs here

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