Step into the Anime Universe: Weebox Launches San FranTokyo for Digital Collectibles

Experience the world of Weebox, the platform where you can buy, sell, and trade anime NFT collectibles with ease. Let’s dive in.


  • Weebox, an anime collectibles brand by Animoca Brands, excites fans of anime,  K-Pop, and J-Pop.
  • Led by CEO Daisuke Iwase, Weebox leverages its network and partnerships with renowned anime studios to provide access to premium licensed digital collectibles.
  • Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Weebox enables users to buy, sell, and trade anime NFT collectibles, ensuring transparency and security. The upcoming Genesis Passes for San FranTokyo allow fans to discover, own, and engage with their favourite anime.
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Discover Weebox’s San FranTokyo

Weebox’s Anime Collectibles 

Animoca Brands has revealed Weebox, a brand dedicated to anime collectibles. This is an exciting development, especially for anime, K-Pop, and J-Pop enthusiasts. Leading the charge at Weebox is CEO, Daisuke Iwase, an expert in NFTs and digital collectibles. 

Significantly, built on the Ethereum network, Weebox is a platform where users can buy, sell, and trade anime NFT collectibles. Also, by using blockchain technology, Weebox guarantees security for every transaction. Within the Weebox network, each digital item is tied to a unique token, giving users complete ownership.

In addition, at the core of Weebox’s vision lies San FranTokyo, an imaginary cityscape. San FranTokyo aims to provide fans with an immersive environment. Furthermore, Weebox’s Genesis Passes for San FranTokyo are scheduled to mint in August 2023, offering exclusive early benefits and access to this space.

What’s more, the minting process will be free, allowing interested individuals to dive into the world of San FranTokyo. Weebox is changing the anime market offering a platform that allows fans to discover, own, and engage with their favourite anime. So, get ready to explore Weebox! 

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