The Future of Music: KORUS AI Companions by PIXELYNX Promise a Mind-Bending Music Experience

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PIXELYNX has teamed up with Beatport, mau5trap, and Pioneer DJ to launch a new product! Significantly, AI music companions called KORUS. This innovative collaboration promises to redefine the boundaries between music, gaming, blockchain, and AI. Additionally, it will enhance the creator-fan relationship and give music lovers the power to expand their creative output. Let’s dive in!

image of 3 figures outlined by light against black background for PIXELYNX

Unleash the Power of KORUS AI Companions with PIXELYNX

How PIXELYNX is Transforming the Music Industry

PIXELYNX, the music gaming company co-founded by deadmau5 and Richie Hawtin, is launching KORUS. So, how does this actually work? Markedly, each KORUS AI companion will have its own unique style, personality, and brand. Furthermore, it allows players to play, create, and remix music from a global network of artists and labels, including mau5trap. Significantly, this is the first-of-its-kind interactive format.

Moreover, you can evolve your KORUS AI companions with PIXELYNX’s exclusive digital collectibles called Artist DNA. These collectibles are specially designed to train and evolve the KORUS AI companions and create new content. It features music tracks and digital items that can be inputted into your AI companion to unlock new utility and generate fresh content. Plus, artists can monetize their intellectual property (IP) within new digital environments.

Whilst some believe that Artificial Intelligence may be the downfall of the music industry, PIXELYNX believes it will quadruple the industry. They think this will happen by lowering the barriers to creativity and giving everyone a platform to collect, create, and earn from music in a fun way. PIXELYNX is proud to chart the future with their partners, who have been at the forefront of music innovation for decades and are continually breaking through the next generation of creators.

In addition, PIXELYNX is developing an interactive experience with market leaders Pioneer DJ. This experience will utilize the latest augmented reality technology. Markedly, this gives users an opportunity to engage with the brand in a unique and exciting way.


PIXELYNX Brings Music Gaming to Life

Experience the Future of Music with KORUS AI Companions

The AI companions will be available across mobile and web platforms. Additionally, players will be able to discover, collect, and trade music. Fully licensed content can be input into the KORUS AI companions to generate new music, build new revenue streams, and engagement channels with their communities.

PIXELYNX’s first AI species will be in partnership with the Beatport and PIXELYNX-owned property Synth Heads, a collection of digital characters designed after iconic synthesizers. PIXELYNX will reward holders of Synth Heads collectibles with an exclusive upgrade. Through this, their collectibles will evolve to become KORUS AI companions within the PIXELYNX metaverse and beyond.

Ultimately, this collaboration is empowering fans to generate their own cutting-edge content while also building a robust, powerful virtual world ecosystem in which various artists and their communities can engage and collaborate on.

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