The Toys R Us Redeemable Claim Starts Today!

Toys R Us just launched an exciting Redeemables NFT campaign with rewards valued at $20 – $1,000 featuring its mascot Geoffrey!


  • Toys R Us offers a Redeemables campaign where users can claim a Geoffrey NFT from their latest collection featuring the mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe.
  • Toy-related NFTs have seen significant growth, with examples like VeeFriends and Pudgy Penguins partnering with major brands and generating substantial revenue.
  • The NFT community has been showing great interest in merging toys and NFTs, supporting the phygital NFT industry.
digital poster of the Toys R Us NFT project

Toys R Us offered details about its redeemables NFT campaign which features Geoffrey the Giraffe, the company’s iconic mascot.

Toys R Us Redeemables: How Can You Claim Yours?

The giant toy manufacturer Toys R Us continues its NFT journey with a Redeemables campaign. In essence, users can claim a Geoffrey NFT from the brand’s latest collection: 10,000 generative artworks featuring their mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe.

Once you claim a Geoffrey NFT, you must verify your account via the official platform Matrica. Then, you can choose the country to redeem the rewards and claim your drop within 48 hours! The drops will be available on the project’s Anybodies page.

Accordingly, the redeemables are valued at $20 – $1,000!

Are Toy NFTs on The Rise?

Despite the bear market, the toy-related NFT niche has grown exponentially over the past year. For example, VeeFriends partnered with Macy’s and Toys R Us last year to launch NFT-inspired plush collectibles. Each item had a QR code to unlock 3D animated films about the characters.

Meanwhile, Pudgy Penguins also launched themed plushies and figurines in May 2023. The collection, released via Amazon, sold like hot cakes and generated over $500K in the first two days!

These impressive stats prove that the NFT community is very much into the idea of merging toys and NFTs. In fact, the phygital industry as a whole received a lot of support from buyers.

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