Dao4Art launches niche NFT with royalty token!

DAO4ART is a game-changer in the NFT community. It aims to scale up the community by involving ERC20 traders and helps AIGC artists monetize their creations. With its royalty tokenization model, DAO4ART incentivizes both DAO Creators and Canvas Creators to produce exceptional art collections.

In the current version, 70% of the mint sale goes directly to the artist’s wallet, while 30% contributes to the DAO’s Asset Pool. Artists also receive DAO Tokens, which they can swap for Ethereum. In other exciting news: DAO4ART is launching a built-in royalty token DEX soon!

image of dao4art logo

DAO4Art: Jogger Collection Updates

Crypto Jogger is a collection of 1,000 unique AI-generated NFTs featuring colorful avatars inspired by aliens, wildlife, and pets. These NFTs come with a captivating storyline where the digital creatures called Joggers sprint to evade a notorious hacker named ‘Red Queen’ who threatens their existence in the Web3 world.

The collection currently boasts over 554 ETH in total volume. This is with a 221 ETH Volume flooding in the last 7 days alone. That’s an uptick of over 25%. The floor price is also up by 102%! Moreover, the collection has also updated their aesthetic recently.

D4A’s Latest NFT Royalty Tokenomics

Dao4Art recently launched their royalty tokens with a unique token royalty system. When D4A NFTs are traded, the trading volume increases, resulting in higher royalty revenue that is added to the asset pool. A collection-specific royalty token (ERC20) which is currently available for trading can be used to swap for this royalty revenue.

As the trading volume continues to grow bigger and faster, the accumulation of ethers in the DAO asset pool increases, leading to the appreciation of the royalty token’s value. In simpler terms, more NFT trading means more royalty revenue, and higher value of the royalty tokens.

DAO4Art D4A Token

For each created DAO, D4A generates a unique ERC20 token, named D4A_Txxxx (with numbers). It rewards DAO Creators and Canvas Creators. These tokens can be used to swap for royalties collected in the collection’s asset pool, or traded on the secondary market. 

These tokens will be available for trading soon on D4A’s built-in DEX, allowing market price discovery and most importantly scale up the size of the NFT community from a few thousand people to potentially infinite number of royalty token holders.